What is a good sentence for necessity?

What is a good sentence for necessity?

Examples of necessity in a Sentence Getting plenty of rest is a necessity. Without a car, living close to work is a necessity. All we took with us on our hiking trip were the bare necessities.

Is obligation a feeling?

Feelings of obligation do exhibit a consider- able variety. Besides feeling that we ought or ought not to do certain things, we also feel obligated to persons: we can feel obligated to a person to do something, or we can simply feel obligated to a person, for example, for what he has done for us in the past.

What does I am obliged mean?

much obliged in British English or I am obliged to you. formal or old-fashioned. expressions used when one wants to indicate that one is very grateful for something. Much obliged for your assistance. Thank you very much indeed, Doctor, I am extremely obliged to you.

What is the meaning of no obligation?

Under no obligation means you do not have to buy a product or perform a duty unless you want to. ... When someone asks you perform a duty but only if you want to, you are under no obligation to perform that duty.

What is obligation and examples?

The definition of an obligation is something that someone is required to do. An example of obligation is for a student to turn in his homework on time every day. ... An obligating or being obligated.

How do you say no obligation?

Synonyms of 'without obligation'

  1. free. The seminars are free, with lunch provided.
  2. for free (informal) He did it for free.
  3. for nothing. He said he'd do the repairs for nothing.
  4. unpaid. Even unpaid work for charity is better than nothing.
  5. complimentary. ...
  6. on the house. ...
  7. gratuitous. ...
  8. gratis.

What is another word for a sense of obligation?

In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for obligation, like: obligatory, responsibility, obligation, commitment, burden, onus, necessity, duty, behooving, deontic and deontological.

What is the obligation?

An obligation is a course of action that someone is required to take, whether legal or moral. ... People who are under obligations may choose to freely act under obligations. Obligation exists when there is a choice to do what is morally good and what is morally unacceptable.

What verbal means?

having to do with words

What is another word for account?

What is another word for account?

Is everyone accounted for?

When something "is accounted for", it means that you know where it is. You usually use this phrase to talk about a group of things, like all of the students in your class: Everyone's accounted for. This means that you know where everyone is.

What does statement mean?

1 : something stated: such as. a : a single declaration or remark : assertion. b : a report of facts or opinions. 2 : the act or process of stating or presenting orally or on paper.

What's another word for percentage?

What is another word for percentage?

What is a formula of percentage?

How to find what percent of X is Y. Use the percentage formula: Y/X = P% ... The result will always be in decimal form, not percentage form. You need to multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage. Converting 0.

What is another word for highest?


  • loftiest,
  • top,
  • topmost,
  • upmost,
  • uppermost.

How do you write percent in a sentence?

Use the word "percent" after any number that begins a sentence, title or text heading. The APA rule for numbers is that you should begin a sentence with a word even if the number is greater than nine, and the word "percent" should also be used. For example: Forty-eight percent of the sample showed an increase. 4.

How do you write 100 percent in a sentence?

The statistical-sounding expression is no problem, but if you want to be formal in register, as your headline indicates, you should probably spell it out as “one hundred percent”—and also spell out “it is” (which latter you have here contracted).

How do you write 1/10 as a percentage?

1 Answer

  1. 110=x100.
  2. 10x=100.
  3. x=10.
  4. 10%