What are some words for K?

What are some words for K?

12-letter words that start with k

  • kindergarten.
  • kaleidoscope.
  • keratoplasty.
  • katzenjammer.
  • kinnikinnick.
  • karyokinesis.
  • karyokinetic.
  • karyokineses.

What are some good K words?

List of Positive Words That Start With K

What animal begins with K?

Alphabetical list of animals that start with K

  • Kakapo.
  • Kangaroo.
  • Kangaroo Rat.
  • Katydid.
  • Killer Whale.
  • Kingfisher.
  • Kinkajou.
  • Kiwi.

What color starts with K?


What food starts with K?

  • Kiwifruit.
  • Kohlrabi.
  • Korean.
  • Korean Rice.
  • Korean Soups.
  • Kosher.
  • Kosher Passover.
  • Kwanzaa.

What drinks start with K?

Popular "K" Cocktail Recipes

  • Kappa Colada (brandy)
  • Kentucky Coffee (whiskey)
  • Key Lime Pie Martini (vodka)
  • Kiwi Martini (vodka)
  • Knickerbocker (rum)
  • Kool Aid (shooter)
  • Kumquat-Ginger Caipirinha (cachaça)

What breakfast food starts with K?


  • Katogo.
  • Kedgeree.
  • Khaman.
  • Kiribath.
  • Kix (cereal)
  • Kokosbrood.
  • Kolache.
  • Kringle.

What are fruits that start with K?

Fruit beginning with K … Kiwi.

What vegetables start with the letter K?

Some vegetables that start with the letter "K" are kale, kohlrabi and kelp. Kale and kohlrabi are both members of the brassica family, and kelp is a sea vegetable belonging to the seaweed family.

What countries start with K?


  • Kazakhstan.
  • Kenya.
  • Kiribati.
  • Korea, North.
  • Korea, South.
  • Kosovo.
  • Kuwait.
  • Kyrgyzstan.

What snacks start with the letter K?

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  • Kabobs.
  • Kaffir Lime.
  • Kahlua.
  • Kale.
  • Kasha.
  • Kava.
  • Kecap Manis.
  • Kedgeree.

What food that starts with D?

  • Dairy Free.
  • Dairy-Free Dessert.
  • Danish.
  • Danish Desserts.
  • Deep Fried.
  • Deer.
  • Dehydrator.
  • Dehydrator Fruit.

What food starts with AS?

Here are your results - food beginning with S
Safflower OilSaffronSage
Salmon - cannedSardines (pilchards)Sausages
ScallopsSea SaltSemolina
Sesame OilSesame seedSesame Seeds - white, golden, black

What food that starts with t?

  • Taco.
  • Taco Dip.
  • Taco Salad.
  • Taco Soup.
  • Tailgate Food.
  • Tamales.
  • Tarts.
  • Tater Tot Casserole.

What food starts with F?

59 Foods That Start With The Letter F

  • Fairchild Tangerine. Fairchild tangerines are a type of mandarin that is more accurately classified as a hybrid citrus fruit. ...
  • Faerie Watermelon. ...
  • Fairytale Pumpkin. ...
  • Fat-Hen. ...
  • Fava Bean. ...
  • Feijoa. ...
  • Fengyaun Eggplant. ...
  • Fennel.

What food starts with H?

Foods that start with H
Food Name ▲Add to
Haddock, smokedMeal Comparison Diary Favorites
Haddock, steamed or poachedMeal Comparison Diary Favorites
Halibut, cookedMeal Comparison Diary Favorites
Halibut, made with butter, baked or broiledMeal Comparison Diary Favorites

What is a noun that starts with H?

50 Nouns Starting With H
heaventhe place where god lives; a wonderful feeling
heelthe part of the foot on the opposite end of the toes, under the ankle
heightthe distance from the bottom to the top of something
hella place of great suffering where sinners go

What drink starts with H?

Drinks That Start With H

  • Hawaiian Punch.
  • Heineken Beer.
  • Hi-C.
  • Hot Chocolate.
  • Herbal Tea.
  • Hot Tea.
  • Horchata.
  • Hot Cocoa.

What kind of fruits start with H?

8 Fruits That Start With H

  • Hackberry Fruit.
  • Hardy Kiwi Fruit.
  • Honeysuckle Fruit.
  • Honeydew Fruit.
  • Hawthorn Fruit.
  • Horned Melon Fruit.
  • Huckleberry Fruit.
  • Huito Fruit.

Is there a Colour beginning with H?

H is home to all the colors, especially with the prefix "hit", "hot", "hint", "half" and "Hippie". Therefore, colors starting by H is very scattered and there's no evident shade can pop out.

Is a jalapeno a fruit?

Every kind of pepper, from the bell pepper to the jalapeño, fits the bill as a fruit and not a vegetable./span>

Is a chilli a fruit or a vegetable?

Chili peppers are considered fruit, not vegetables. Chili peppers are members of the nightshade (Solanaceae) family and are related to tomatoes, cherries and eggplant. Chili peppers originated in South America, but are now grown around the world because they are used as spices or as medicine./span>

Why is it called Chilli?

Chillies are so called because they are originally called thus from the Nahuatl (Aztecan) chilli, the native name for the peppers. The Spanish explorers kept the name (Chili) when they referenced the peppers locally or back in Europe. ... Chilly comes from the Middle English “Chile” meaning cold.

Are bananas a vegetable?

Did you know the fact that bananas are technically neither a fruit nor a vegetable? ... Although we generally call it a fruit, it is technically an herb. The banana plant an “herbaceous plant” (or 'herb'), not a tree, because the stem does not contain true woody tissue.

Which fruit is considered a vegetable?