What is the other name for Neolithic era?

What is the other name for Neolithic era?

the New Stone Age

What are some Stone Age names?

What are the three periods of the Stone Age?

  • The Palaeolithic period (early Stone Age)
  • The Mesolithic period (middle Stone Age)
  • The Neolithic period (late Stone Age)

What are some caveman names?

Cro-Magnon man

  • Cro-Magnon.
  • Cro-Magnon race.
  • Homo sapiens.
  • Paleolithic man.
  • cave dweller.
  • caveman.
  • cavewoman.
  • human.

What are the names of some early Neolithic settlements?

List of early settlements
namelocationearly date (BC)
Jericho (Tell es-Sultan)West Bank9500
Aşıklı HöyükCentral Anatolia, Turkey, an Aceramic Neolithic period settlement8200
Nevali CoriTurkey8000

Why do public schools exist?

Public schools were established to make education universally available to all children, free of charge. ... Public schools are accessible in all parts of the country, including areas where few or no private schools exist. Private schools, though important to many families, were not designed to be a universal system.