What happened to runaway June?

What happened to runaway June?

The country music world was shocked when Runaway June parted ways with singer and guitarist Hannah Mulholland last week. Now, in an exclusive interview with Taste of Country Nights, listeners are learning that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic played a part in the musician's split from the group.

Are Runaway June sisters?

A country trio with a bright, upbeat sound and fine harmonies, Runaway June was formed in early 2016. The trio consists of Naomi Cooke on lead vocals and guitar, Hannah Mulholland on mandolin and vocals, and Jennifer Wayne on guitar and vocals. Cooke was raised in an Amish farming community and was one of 11 siblings.

Who are members of runaway June?

Naomi Cooke

Did runaway June break up?

It seems country music trio Runaway June has become a duo. Singer and guitarist Hannah Mulholland — one-third of the Nashville-based group alongside vocalist Naomi Cooke and Jennifer Wayne — announced her departure from the "Buy My Own Drinks" hitmakers on Thursday (May 14). However, the split appears to be amicable.

How did Runaway June get their name?

Runaway June's name is a unique combination of the band's history and struggles. According to Runaway June's website, Cooke, Wayne, and Mulholland each felt a unique pull to "'run away' from their homes and toward their dreams to find themselves part of something bigger." And that's exactly what they did.

How old is Naomi Cooke runaway June?

Boys Like Girls' frontman Martin Johnson proposed to Cooke, 30, on Sunday, PEOPLE can confirm. The two have been dating for a year and a half. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

Who is John Wayne's granddaughter?

Jennifer Wayne is John Waynes granddaughter and has written a song about him called "God Bless John Wayne" for his 100 birthday.

How old is Natalie Stovall?

She was born in Columbia, TN, TN and she is 39 years old. Natalie Stovall was born on Ma.

Is Natalie Stovall married?

James Bavendamm. 2008

Who is Jennifer Wayne's parents?

Aissa Wayne

Is Jennifer Wayne married?

Just days after announcing her engagement, Jennifer Wayne of country trio Runaway June married singer-songwriter Austin Moody on Jan. 9 in Florida, PEOPLE reports. According to the magazine, the couple married on a beach in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with under 20 guests in a western-themed ceremony.

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Who covered runaway?

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E Major

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