What are the five major characteristics of baroque art?

What are the five major characteristics of baroque art?

Some of the qualities most frequently associated with the Baroque are grandeur, sensuous richness, drama, dynamism, movement, tension, emotional exuberance, and a tendency to blur distinctions between the various arts.

Who was the most influential artist of the Baroque period in Europe?

Rembrandt van Rijn

Who is the famous artist in Renaissance period?

Leonardo da Vinci

How would you describe Baroque art to someone << read less?

Explanation: The baroque art is best described with the word drama. ... The Baroque style is characterized by exaggerated motion and clear detail used to produce drama, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture , painting, architecture, literature, dance, and music.

What is the most important achievement of baroque music?

The single most important achievement of baroque music is the invention of cantata​19-Oct-2020

Why did the Baroque period end?

In the same respect, the year 1750 is considered the end of the Baroque due to the death of Johann Sebastian Bach. His music is considered to be the culmination of the Baroque style. Baroque is a term that was first applied to architecture in a derogatory manner.

What are 2 facts about baroque music?

The player could change from one manual to the other, contrasting two different sounds. Baroque music was often a melody with a bass line at the bottom. This could be, for example, a singer and a cello. There was also a harpsichord or organ that played the bass line as well, and made up chords in between.

What events happened in the Baroque period?

Timeline of the Baroque Period – A Gist

  • 1602 – Establishment of the Dutch East India Company.
  • 1603 – Death of Elizabeth-I.
  • 1607 – Establishment of the Jamestown Settlement in North America.
  • 1610 – Ascension of Louis XIII to the French Throne.
  • 1618-1648 – The Thirty Years War.
  • 1620 – Arrival of the Pilgrims.

What is the Baroque affect?

In Baroque music, a single "affect" (one clear emotion) is usually projected through an entire composition or movement. Vocal music depicted the emotions of the text or dramatic situation.