How do I add a font to Moodle?

How do I add a font to Moodle?

Add a font from TTF file

  1. Copy the .ttf file to /lib/tcpdf/fonts.
  2. Create a "convertfont. ...
  3. View the file at http://hostname/lib/tcpdf/fonts/convertfont.php (it should just show a blank page).
  4. Verify that new files have been created in /lib/tcpdf:

How do I fix pixelated text in Chrome?

Go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Adjust ClearType text (on the left). Check the box entitled “Turn on ClearType.” After going through a short wizard, this will fix some of the text rendering issues in Chrome.

How do I restore Windows fonts?

To do it:

  1. Go to the Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Fonts;
  2. In the left pane, select Font settings;
  3. In the next window click the Restore default font settings button.

How do I find my current fonts in Windows 10?

Open Run by Windows+R, type fonts in the empty box and tap OK to access the Fonts folder. Way 2: View them in Control Panel. Step 1: Launch Control Panel. Step 2: Enter font in the top-right search box, and choose View installed fonts from the options.

How do I see all fonts installed?

View Installed Fonts Open Control Panel (type Control Panel in the search field and select it from the results). With Control Panel in Icon View, click the Fonts icon. Windows displays all the installed fonts.

Where do I find the font folder on my computer?

You'll find the Fonts folder at C:\Windows\Fonts, although I find it simplest to open this location by pressing Windows key + R to open the Run box and then entering the command shell:fonts. In the default Large Icons view, shown here, each font gets its own tile, labeled with the font name and a three-letter sample.

How do I send someone a font file?

How to Send a Truetype Font File to Someone by Email

  1. Click “Computer” on the Start screen. ...
  2. Double-click the “Fonts” folder to open it and display a list of fonts installed on the computer.
  3. Right-click the name of the font you want to email, and then click “Copy” on the pop-up window. ...
  4. Click “Desktop” on the Start screen.

How do I extract a font from a Word document?

how do you extract a font to forward to someone?

  1. Right-click the font you need and select Copy from the contextual menu that appears.
  2. While composing an email message, Paste the font from the clipboard by pressing Ctrl + V.

How do I download a font to Google Docs?

How to add fonts to Google Docs

  1. Open any Google Document, or create a new one.
  2. From the Add-ons menu, click Get Add-ons.
  3. In the Search Add-ons box, enter “Extensis Fonts
  4. Select the Extensis Fonts add-on from the list.
  5. Click the Free button in the upper right hand corner.