What is a sans serif font example?

What is a sans serif font example?

A category of typefaces that do not use serifs, small lines at the ends of characters. Popular sans serif fonts include Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva. Serif fonts include Times Roman, Courier, New Century Schoolbook, and Palatino. According to most studies, sans serif fonts are more difficult to read.

Is Arial sans serif font?

Arial, sometimes marketed or displayed in software as Arial MT, is a sans-serif typeface and set of computer fonts in the neo-grotesque style.

What font looks like calligraphy?

Free Calligraphy Fonts

  • Alex Brush. This font is classic and understated. ...
  • Adreno Script Demo Regular. ...
  • Quigley Wiggly. ...
  • Balqis. ...
  • Bukhari Script. ...
  • Champignon. ...
  • Easy November. ...
  • Great Day.

What font is best?

Some of the best fonts

  • Didot.
  • Bodoni.
  • Garamond.
  • Futura.
  • Helvetica.
  • Mrs Eaves.
  • Baskerville.
  • Akzidenz-Grotesk.

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