What font is sans Undertale?

What font is sans Undertale?

Comis Sans font

Who is serif Undertale?

Serif is an excitable young monster, and will give fast-paced, long-winded speeches about her brothers with little to no prompting. ... In the genocide run, if you try to kill Serif before her brothers, she will not attack, as she just assumes innocently that you are having a pleasant conversation.

Who killed alpha Sans?

Error404 had the idea of ​​stopping him, but Alpha sans knew it was a bad idea In the end, however, they chased him and fought him. Alpha! Sans was killed during a battle, the last thing he saw was the face of his poor brother Error! 404.

Who is Killer Sans?

Killer Sans is created and owned by Rahafwabas on Tumblr.

Is Gaster stronger than Sans?

W.D Gaster is supposed to be stronger than Sans, because Sans's magic depends on him, W.D Gaster can and will turn off Sans's abilities if they were in a FIGHT, but he's not part of the story anymore, Wiki said that when he fell on the void he was scattered across time and space.

Who is stronger Sans or Jevil?

Sans is harder by far. It's no contest. It's not even close. Jevil is hard and so is Sans in my opinion.

Who is stronger Sans or Undyne?

Undyne will just outlast him. ... But it is true that, from a perspective of pure stats, Undyne is stronger. Sans just has a fighting style that essentially bypasses stats.

Who is Gaster's son?

Technically, they are not his sons, anyone ever wonder about their mother? They never had one. Sans and Papyrus were grown in test tubes, sans first which is why he came out with a natural 1 DEF and ATK. Papyrus after, ironing out most of sans mistakes.