Can US states secede?

Can US states secede?

White (1869), the Supreme Court ruled unilateral secession unconstitutional, while commenting that revolution or consent of the states could lead to a successful secession. ...

Which is separatist movement?

Separatism is the advocacy of cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental or gender separation from the larger group. As with secession, separatism conventionally refers to full political separation. Groups simply seeking greater autonomy are not separatist as such.

What is the separatist movement in Canada?

Terminology. In practice, "separatist" and "sovereignist" are terms used to describe individuals wanting the province of Quebec to separate from Canada to become a country of its own; supporters of the movement generally prefer the latter term. The term "independentist" is preferred by some supporters.

Who are the separatist?

Separatist, also called Independent, any of the English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries who wished to separate from the perceived corruption of the Church of England and form independent local churches.

Why did Palpatine kill the separatists?

Sidious did not want them to know that he was Plapatine and he did not want a Stronger rebellion. Palpatine/Sideous was the Republic and he Was the Separatists. He killed them because he no longer needs them ,and Dead men tell no tales.

Is Count Dooku a separatist?

As the Separatists' political leader, Dooku was a critical target in the Clone Wars. The Jedi tried repeatedly to capture him, with Anakin and Obi-Wan boarding the count's flagship on one such mission.

Are the separatists the good guys?

So the first thing you think of is "No, they were controlled by the sith and had secret sith agendas." Well the same can be said about the republic. Plus it's canon that many separatists joined the rebellion after the republic and them both fell out of power. ...

Did any Jedi join the separatists?

In Canon, the Confederacy of Independent Systems had several former Jedi serving it in one capacity or another, the most prominent of whom was Count Dooku who formally left the Jedi Order then later publicly joined and ran the CIS.

Why the CIS were the good guys?

The CIS wanted essentially freedom and independence to rule them selves. They want to get away from the corrupted government that had not only taken advantage of them for centuries on end, but also viewed them as inferiors either due to there location in the galaxy or alien origins.

Is the republic the good guys in Star Wars?

In the new Canon, the Republic is the good guys because it stands for freedom and democracy, not corrupt corporations and profiteering from suffering. The Rise of the Empire- During this period of Star Wars History, the good guys are rag tag men and women resisting the Empire's power.

Why does the empire want Baby Yoda?

Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 4 Reveals The Empire's Baby Yoda Blood Experiments. ... Pershing as he discussed his experiments, and he revealed the Empire wants Baby Yoda's blood. The goal is to inject the Child's blood into host bodies, presumably in an attempt to grant them Force-sensitivity.

Why are rebels always the good guys?

Now, it's true that the Rebels themselves rarely called their comrades “rebels” - they were rather “members of the Alliance”. That Alliance being the Alliance to Restore the Republic, shortened to the Rebel Alliance. ... But history is written by the victors, and the Rebels won. So they're the good guys.

What are the bad guys called in Star Wars?


Who is the most evil in Star Wars?

Star Wars: The 10 Most Evil Villains From Across The Expanded Universe

  1. 1 Grand Moff Tarkin.
  2. 2 Aurra Sing. ...
  3. 3 General Grievous. ...
  4. 4 Gallius Rax. ...
  5. 5 Grand Admiral Thrawn. ...
  6. 6 Asajj Ventress. ...
  7. 7 Moff Gideon. ...
  8. 8 Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine. ...

Who is the bad guy in Star Wars 2?

Darth Sidious

What does Darth mean?

The title, which roughly translated to "Dark Lord," preceded a moniker that replaced the Sith Lord's original name. The Sith names of Sheev Palpatine, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker were Darth Sidious, Darth Tyranus, and Darth Vader, respectively.

Why is KYLO not a Darth?

Star Wars: Why Kylo Ren Wasn't a 'Darth' Palpatine, though he influenced Kylo Ren's development through Snoke, never formally trained Kylo. Rather, he belonged to a very different group that followed the teachings of the Dark Side of the Force: the Knights of Ren.

Who is the strongest Darth Lord?

Darth Sidious

Are stormtroopers evil?

So, overall, I'd say that the Empire is the “bad guys” and the rebels are the “good guys.” Stormtroopers do all the dirty work for the bad guys, effecting making them “bad guys.” However, they are not completely guilty of being bad, as they were encouraged to join the stormtroopers by Imperial propaganda and lies.

What do black stormtroopers mean?

The shadow stormtroopers acted as the personal stormtrooper unit of the head of Imperial Intelligence, Agent Blackhole, which earned them their moniker of "blackhole stormtroopers." They frequently underwent special training in infiltration and ambush tactics, and were often assigned to extremely classified missions.

Why are stormtroopers so bad at aiming?

The Force. 99% of the stormtroopers are NOT clones. Their bad aim is because on the Death Star they were ordered not to kill Luke and his friends. Now other times in the movies its probably the fighting conditions or their helmet reduces their accuracy due to the way its built.

What are the black Stormtroopers?

Imperial Death Troopers Elite Imperial soldiers, death troopers are encased in specialized stormtrooper armor with a dark, ominous gleam.

Why is Finn black?

Abrams, the character of Finn was not written to be black. He was simply written as a character, FN-2187. During the casting process, they wound up falling in love with John Boyega, and cast him in the role. It had nothing to do with his race.

Are stormtroopers black?

Some have argued, that all of the Captains, those giving the orders are White, while all the troops taking the orders, clearly born into the slavery that is the Stormtrooper league, are Black. ... Two instances of revealing the faces of Stormtroopers, with two of them being of the same race.

Is Moff Gideon dead?

Imperial service Moff Gideon was executed for war crimes."