Is section engineer a gazetted officer?

Is section engineer a gazetted officer?

According to J. Jothiraman, senior section engineer, their main demands included giving gazetted status to all senior section engineers and non-gazetted status to the junior engineers. They said that while nurses, doctors and running staff in the railways received allowances, they received none.

Is Je a gazetted officer?

Job Profile of SSC Junior Engineer (JE) The Job Post of Junior Engineer is one of the prestigious Central Government Jobs whose exam is being conducted by SSC at Pan India level every year. These posts are classified under Group 'B' Non-Gazetted category of the Central Government.

Which is highest post in railway?

Member Staff

What is loco pilot salary?

Pay Scale/Salary of Loco Pilot 5,200 and Rs. 20,200. On top of this, a Grade Pay of Rs. 1,900 and several allowances are added to calculate the total salary of an ALP.

Is Railway Je a good job?

Besides this, the work-life balance and the frequent promotions make RRB a better choice for young engineers. The job definitely asks for much hard work, effort and time but given that they provide the best services to their employees apart from a good salary structure, all the hard work is worth it.

What is the salary of DRM in railways?

DRM is a senior S A grade officer. He becomes DRM after putting in around 7 years service in SA grade. The payscale of SA grade is with Grade Pay ofRs. 10000.

What is the qualification for DRM in railway?

The qualifications for being a DRM: 1)He/she is an officer in either of the 8 organized group A services of Indian Railway. 2)He/she should be below 52 years of age. 3)He/she should have normally put up around 22-25 years of group A service in Indian Railway.

Who is DRM in railway?

There are a total of 18 zones . Each of the divisions is headed by a Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), who reports to the General Manager (GM) of the zone. A DRM can be appointed from any of the eight organized services of Indian Railways, viz.

What is DRM post in railway?

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) heads the organisation at the division level. ... Each division has all the functional organisations (both line and staff). The heads of these functional groups report to the DRM for administrative purposes but rely on the railway board and the zonal headquarters for policy guidelines.

How can I become a DRM officer?

The post of Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) comes under Grade A officers in Indian Railways and recruitment in Grade A is done through UPSC Civil Services Examination. One who wishes to become a Divisional railway Manager has to appear for Indian Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC.

What is the work of DRM?

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Who is DRM Lucknow?

LUCKNOW: Vinod Kumar Yadav took over as the new Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Lucknow division of North Eastern Railway (NER).

Who is known as father of Indian Railways?


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Who is the GM of Northern Railway?

Shri Ashutosh Gangal

Who is the present chairman of railway board?

Suneet Sharma (–)

Where is the headquarter of Northern Railway?

New Delhi Railway Station, Delhi, India

Who is the new railway board chairman?

Suneet Sharma

Who is the first CEO of Railway Board?

Chairmen Railway Board, 1951–present
S. No.NameFrom
1FC Badhwar/td>
2G Pande/td>
3PC Mukherjee/td>
4KB Mathur/td>

Which train is the fastest train of India?

New Delhi- Bhopal Shatabdi Express New Delhi- Bhopal Shatabdi Express, the train operates between New Delhi, and Bhopal Junction. It runs at a speed of 91 km/h. It is the fastest train in India and was introduced in 1988.

Who is the first ever CEO of Railway Board?

Vinod Kumar Yadav

Is Railway autonomous body?

Panel for Commission of Railway Safety to become autonomous body.

Which is fastest train?

The World's Fastest Trains

  • You can ride a train at 217 mph. ...
  • China ran the fastest unmodified train. ...
  • Morroco is on the list. ...
  • Test train - 183.

    Is food free in Tejas?

    Food is being provided on a complimentary basis to all passengers of IRCTC TEJAS Trains ( and ) with effect from the date of Journey

    Is Tejas private train?

    India's first private train Tejas Express will not be operating from Monday, November 23. The operations of Lucknow-Delhi and Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express will stop due to the shortage of passengers. The decision has been taken by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).