Is there a follow me tool in Rhino?

Is there a follow me tool in Rhino?

sweep1 is the rhino equivalent to follow me in sketchup.

How do you make a 3D shape in Rhino?

Rhino tutorial: Creating 3D Objects

  1. Select the profile of the water tower and in the menu go to Surface > Revolve.
  2. Select the bottom end and the upper end of the profile.
  3. Click FullCircle in the command line . The profile will be revolved 360 degrees.

How do you curve a cylinder in rhino?


  1. Select one curve.
  2. Pick the start radius at the beginning of the pipe.
  3. If the curve is closed, pick the radius for the pipe.
  4. Pick the radius at the end of the pipe.
  5. Pick a point for the next radius, or press Enter to end the command. Your browser does not support the video tag.

How do you make an extrusion solid in Rhino?

To make a solid extrusion from a closed planar curve, make sure Solid=Yes at the command line in ExtrudeCrv . If the curve used to create the extrusion is closed but not planar, then EdgeSrf (prefered if it works) or Patch can be used to close the ends. Then Join with the extrusion surfaces to form a solid.

How do I convert surface to solid in Rhino?

Another command which uses the solid select option is the Surface » Offset surface » solid yes This enables you to create an offset of a Nurbs surface perpendicular to the surface itself. With the solid option on the sides will be automatically closed and the whole object will be converted to a solid.

How do you close an object in rhino?

How to Close a Open Polysurface!

  1. ExtractSrf the top, deck, surfaces.
  2. Turn on control points for the deck surfaces.
  3. Window around the ones near the very tip.
  4. SetPt snapping to the end point of the top edge if the hull - zoom in to make sure you get the very top, there are some short vertical edges that might grab the End Osnap.

How do you know if a curve is closed in Rhino?

If you select the curve and look in properties, it will tell you if the curve is closed or not. If it is closed, you can test to see if PlanarSrf (Surface>From planar curves) will make a surface from it. If not, it is not planar.

How do you add points to a curve in Rhino?


  1. Select a curve or surface.
  2. Pick a location for the control point or control point row. Inserting control points affects the shape of the curve or surface. The InsertKnot command does not change the curve or surface shape.
  3. Press Enter to complete the command. Your browser does not support the video tag.

How do you rebuild in rhino?


  1. The Rebuild command reconstructs selected curves or surfaces to a specified degree and control point number.
  2. Preview.
  3. Click Preview to display a preview of the output.
  4. If you change the settings, click Preview again to refresh the display.
  5. Calculate.
  6. Preview.
  7. Click Preview to display a preview of the output.

How do you edit a cage in rhino?

How to Cage Edit Objects in Rhino 3D

  1. Create an object like a sphere or anything else of your choice. ...
  2. Highlight your object and click on Transform>Cage Editing>Cage Edit. ...
  3. Now a new dialog box will open. ...
  4. Now click World. ...
  5. Now click Global. ...
  6. Now you will see a bounding box surrounding your object with points.

How do you edit a mesh Rhino?

Edit mesh objects

  1. DeleteMeshFaces. Remove mesh faces from a mesh creating a hole.
  2. FillMeshHole. Fill a hole in a mesh.
  3. FillMeshHoles. Fill all holes in a mesh.
  4. Merge2MeshFaces. Merge two triangular mesh faces into one quadrangular face.
  5. MeshBooleanDifference. ...
  6. MeshBooleanIntersection. ...
  7. MeshBooleanSplit. ...
  8. MeshBooleanUnion.

How do you edit Polysurface in rhino?

To control-point edit a polysurface, Explode the object into separate surfaces first or use the ExtractSrf command to separate the surfaces you want to edit. While control points are on, they can be selected and deleted. This changes the shape of the curve or surface.

How do you edit text in Rhino?

In rhino for windows, you can place text and then directly edit it by double clicking on the text. In rhino for mac, you must click on the text, and then edit the text through the object properties.

How do you wrap text in Rhino?

Create text objects to wrap

  1. Start the TextObject command. (Solid > Text...)
  2. Select a font and set Height to 1.

    How do you change font size in rhino?

    In the Rhino viewport, select the dimension and go to the Properties tab. On this tab, select the Dimension icon. Here you will see which style is selected for that particular dimension. From here you can also click the Edit Style button to edit the correct style.

    How do I change the background color in rhino?

    made in Options>Appearance>Colors>Background.