How do you reference a section in LaTeX?

How do you reference a section in LaTeX?

In LaTeX you can easily reference a section by using \label{} next to a section and then \ref{} to create the reference. However, the reference only includes the number of the section, or the page with \pageref{} .

How do you make a table of contents in LaTeX?

A table of contents is produced with the \tableofcontents command. You put the command right where you want the table of contents to go; LaTeX does the rest for you. It produces a heading, but it does not automatically start a new page.

How do you highlight words in LaTeX?

Highlighting text Now, text can be highlighted by simply using the command \hl{text} .

How do you comment overleaf in LaTeX?

Here we have listed the hotkeys available in Overleaf....Hotkeys.
Ctrl + /Toggle commenting for selected lines. (Comment/uncomment selected text.)
Ctrl + dDelete current line.
Ctrl + aSelect all.

How do you comment multiple lines in Texstudio?

2 Answers. To comment several lines at once in TeXMaker, select the lines and click Ctrl + T . To uncomment, click Ctrl + U .

How do I make a LaTeX logo in Word?

On Office 365 version 1707 or later

  1. Put the Equation Editor into LaTeX mode. In the Equation Editor Design ribbon, go to the Conversions group and click LaTeX.
  2. Type the LaTeX.
  3. Open the Convert dropdown menu and click Current - Professional.
  4. The LaTeX will be processed into the Equation Editor's native format.