What were the mycenaeans known for?

What were the mycenaeans known for?

Mycenae is perhaps best known in mythology as the city of Agamemnon, the son of Atreus. King Agamemnon led the expedition against Troy during the Trojan War, which Homer accounted in his epic poem the Iliad.

What caused the collapse of Mycenaean Greece?

The researchers argue that the long period of drought following the palace's destruction led to the end of the “Mycenaean way of life in Pylos,” as agricultural surpluses were eliminated thus making it difficult “for social elites to re-form and for the palatial system to be re-established.”

Who were the Mycenaeans in ancient Greece?

The Minoans and the Mycenaeans were two of the early civilizations that developed in Greece. The Minoans lived on the Greek islands and built a huge palace on the island of Crete. The Mycenaeans lived mostly on mainland Greece and were the first people to speak the Greek language.

Where did the Mycenaeans come from?

The Mycenaean civilization (c. 1700 to 1050 BC) originated in mainland Greece eventually controlling the nearby islands, including Crete. Their Linear B script represented an early form of Greek.

Will Linear A ever be deciphered?

No texts in Linear A have been deciphered. ... Linear B shares many symbols with Linear A, and they may notate similar syllabic values. But neither those nor any other proposed readings lead to a language that scholars can read.

Is Linear B deciphered?

It is also the only one of the Bronze Age Aegean scripts to have been deciphered, by English architect and self-taught linguist Michael Ventris. Linear B consists of around 87 syllabic signs and over 100 ideographic signs.

What is the first written language?

Sumerian language

What island was the base of the Minoan civilization?

island of Crete

What changes occurred in Greece during the Dark Age?

Other changes recorded towards the end of the Dark Age are: recovery of literacy (Greek alphabet) after the abandonment of the Mycenaean Linear B script, increasing contacts with regions outside the Aegean, and the emergence of a new and successful form of political institution (the early poleis).

Why is Crete important to Greek history?

Crete was the centre of Europe's most ancient civilization, the Minoans. ... By the 16th century BC pottery and other remains on the Greek mainland show that the Minoans had far-reaching contacts on the mainland. In the 16th century a major earthquake caused destruction on Crete and on Thera that was swiftly repaired.

What wiped the Minoans?

Archaeologists have now enough evidence to believe that the reputed Minoan Civilization was severely damaged and affected by the eruption of Santorini Volcano, which destroyed their fleet. ... It is estimated that the palaces of the Minoan Civilization were destroyed almost 150 years after the volcanic eruption.

Does Greece have volcanoes?

Most of the volcanoes in Greece and the Greek islands are extinct, however, there are some still active. The most important active volcanoes in Greece are situated on Santorini island, Nisyros island, Methana, and Milos island, receiving thousands of visitors every year.

When did Thera last erupt?


Is Santorini going to erupt again?

At present, the volcano of Santorini is still dormant, or “sleeping.” This means that it is indeed still active, but an explosion is not believed to be imminent. Smaller explosions have nonetheless continued to occur on Santorini throughout the centuries following the catastrophic eruption of 1613 BC.

Is Santorini still active?

Although dormant, Santorini is an active volcano. Numerous minor and medium-sized, mainly effusive, eruptions have built the dark-colored lava shields of Nea and Palea Kameni inside the caldera. Their last eruption was in 1950, and now only fumarolic activity, primarily inside the recently active craters, takes place.

What is the largest Greek island?


Where in Greece is Mamma Mia filmed?


What's the best Greek island to visit?

The 5 Best Greek Islands

  1. Santorini. My favorite island in Greece is Santorini. ...
  2. Mykonos. The best nightlife and clubbing in Greece is found on Mykonos. ...
  3. Crete. The largest Greek island and rich with beaches, historical sights, hikes, and small cities. ...
  4. Naxos. The most family-friendly island in Greece is Naxos. ...
  5. Paros.

Can you stay where Mamma Mia was filmed?

Stay at the Santikos Collection's Skiathos Princess Hotel, on Skiathos, and Marpunta Hotel, on Alonissos, as well as the Skopelos Holiday Hotel, an associate hotel on Skopelos – all three are popular Olympic Holidays' hotels and the perfect base to explore the Mamma Mia! film locations.

Is the church in Mamma Mia real?

Agios Ioannis Kastri-Mamma Mia Skopelos The church of Agios Ioannis Kastri in Skopelos, where scenes of Mamma Mia were filmed.

What island is Mamma Mia set on?


Why did they kill Donna off in Mamma Mia 2?

In an interview with Vulture, Parker explained that killing Donna off was nothing to do with a scheduling conflict in Streep's calendar, commenting, "If it had worked out that Meryl was going to be the lead for the whole thing, then they would have waited for a time when Meryl could be the lead for the whole thing.

Can you get married where Mamma Mia was filmed?

The wedding procession of Mamma Mia is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic scenes of this world-famous and feel-good blockbuster filmed in Skopelos as well as Skiathos. ... The one in Skopelos is truly minute and only Greek Orthodox couples can marry inside Aghios Ioannis.