What is turn me on my side and I am everything?

What is turn me on my side and I am everything?

Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me in half and I am nothing. What am I? Explanation: On its side, the number 8 looks like an infinity symbol.

When Im on my side Im cut me in half and I am nothing What am I?

Cut me in half and I am nothing. What am I? The number 8. On its side, it looks like the symbol for infinity and when you cut it in half, it looks like two zeroes.

What is the world's toughest riddle?

In the original problem with s1 = 20, s1 = 15, s1 = 9, and s1 = 6, it just works out the sum of the balance column is 51....Answer To The World's Toughest Riddle.
s450 – s1 – s2 – s3 – s4
Sum of spendingSum of balances
s1 + s2 + s3 + s4200 – 4s1 – 3s2 – 2s3 – s4

How do you make a riddle?

  1. Choose an answer. Remember to choose a concrete, general answer.
  2. Brainstorm about your answer. Write down everything that comes to mind about the answer that you've chosen. ...
  3. Use a thesaurus. Choose three important words from your brainstorming list above, and look them up in a thesaurus. ...
  4. Use figurative language.

How do you answer a riddle?

1 Answer

  1. Read the whole clue first, line-by-line, thinking/parsing/interpreting as you go. ...
  2. Start conjecturing answers right from the first letter you see. ...
  3. Look for conflicts (don't hope that they aren't there) with the conjectures and adjust them.
  4. If you make it through and you are in disarray go back to 1.

How many squares will you need to balance a circle?

Two polygons weigh the same as 5 circles; 2 squares weigh the same as 3 circles and 3 polygons weigh the same as 5 squares, so 7 squares are needed. One word is contained in each circle – you can find it by reading either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

How many square will balance a circle?

Since it takes 2 green squares to balance a scale that has 1 purple circle on the other end, we know that we need 2 green squares for every purple circle. Since there are 3 purple circles, we need 3 × 2 = 6 3 \times 2 = 6 3×2=6 green squares in order to balance the scale.

How does a balance scale work?

In simple terms, a balances measure mass, while scales measure weight. ... A scale displays weight by measuring a deflection; the springs are deformed by the load, and the force needed to deform the springs is measured, and converted into weight.

Which balance is the most precise?

Ultra microbalances provide the most accurate measurement possible with readability of 0.

How precise is a pipette?

A pipette is accurate to the degree that the volume delivered is equal to the specified volume. ... Many scientific studies involve either dilutions made with pipettes, or the addition of very small volumes of liquid to an experiment.

What is the difference between balance and accuracy?

The accuracy of the balance relates to the measurement uncertainty of each reading, i.e., the ± tolerance in the result. A fast, stable weighing result is not necessarily an indication of accuracy. A balance that is inaccurate cannot reliably produce repeatable results.

How precise is a balance?

In the weighing industry, we define precision balances as “a balance used to weigh quantities to a very precise number, usually up to one milligram”. ... Adam Equipment precision balances have a readability of 0.

What are the types of balances?

There are actually three types of balances: the equal arm balance, the unequal arm balance, and the spring balance. The equal arm balance is named such because the distance between the pivot and each end of the bar are equidistant, or separated by an equal length from the pivot point.

What is the maximum Weighable amount for a Class A prescription balance?

120 grams

What are the weights for a Class A balance are made of?

These sets usually cantain cylindrical weights ranging from 1-50 g and fractional weights of 10-500 mg. Weights should be stored in a special box and must be handled with forceps, NOT with the fingers to prevelt soiling and erosion of the weights.

Why are forceps always used for handling the weights?

Never touch the weights with bare hands as hand grease can cause errors in the readings. Always use a pair of clean forceps while placing the samples. ... This will cause their mass to decrease and affect the weighing readings.

How accurate is a triple beam balance?

Accuracy. The triple beam balance is a very accurate instrument and can measure within a tenth of a gram. ... For example; if the smallest weight you have is a 5-gram weight, then you can only estimate the weight of an object to the nearest 5 grams.

What class of balance do Pharmacies typically use for compounding?

class III

How often does a pharmacy balance need to be certified?

every five years