How do you move in rhino on a Mac?

How do you move in rhino on a Mac?

To rotate view around object

  1. Move the mouse cursor to an object.
  2. Command ⌘ + Shift + drag with the right mouse button. The right view rotates around the object.

How do you pan in rhino 6?

Click and hold to access the default middle button actions: Popup menu, Popup this toolbar, or Run this macro.

  1. Pan (press Alt to rotate; press Ctrl to zoom) Pans the view. ...
  2. Rotate (press Shift to pan; press Ctrl to zoom) Rotates the view. ...
  3. Swap pan and zoom (press Ctrl to pan; press Shift to zoom)

How do you move on Rhino?

Hold Alt and press an Arrow key to move objects in the world x-, y-directions. Hold Alt and press the PageUp / PageDn keys to move objects in the world z-direction.

How do you activate gumball in rhino?

Press and hold Ctrl and click any gumball arrow, arc, or scale control. In the edit box, type a distance, rotation angle or scale factor that will be applied to the gumball control. Press Ctrl and click the gumball widget (ignore the text field).

How do I move an object to origin in Rhino?

Move Model to Origin: 1> Select Move tool. 2> When prompted select your model and hit return or RMB. 3> When prompted select any point on your model and hit return or RMB. 4> When prompted type 0 in the command line and hit return or RMB.

How do you change dimensions in rhino?

Try these steps:

  1. open properties panel, if it's not already open.
  2. select a dimension/annotation, you should see a dimensions icon/button in properties panel along with properties of the selected item (dimension/s). Change to your requirements, you can also save it with a new style name.

How do I reset my CPlane in rhino?

by default, the top and perspective viewport uses the top CPlane, the front uses front, right uses right etc. You cannot undo CPlane commands using Undo, instead use the previous CPlane icon in the upper right. Every view is able to use it`s individual CPlane. To revert everything use the command _4View two times.

How do you hide Cplane in rhino?

Try switching to shaded mode instead of X-ray or Ghosted. You can also 're-set' the camera if un-wanted clipping is occurring. Click on the viewport label and select view --> perspective. The camera (and target) should get re-created back to original defaults.

How do you flatten curves in Rhino?

Flatten all curves to one axis (or plane)

  1. Select all the curves to be flattened using Front viewport.
  2. Call the Shear command, pick two points of reference to determine a “vertical” axis in the Front viewport.
  3. With Ortho off, pull the mouse to shear the curves over so that from Top view, they are separated horizontally (do this by eye)

How do you search for an object in rhino?

The simplest way to find "lost' objects is ZE - Zoom Extents for current viewport or ZEA - Zoom extents all for al 4 viewports. These commands bring all objects into view. This usually only happens if you hold Shift+ALT+ RMB right mouse button or Shift+Command+RMB.

What is CPlane Rhino?

A CPlane (construction plane) is simply an imaginary plane that you do your drawing on. Since the monitor/screen is two-dimensional, it's easy to tell Rhino the x,y-coordinate of something you're drawing, but the z value is not possible to know so a construction plane is referenced and the z value is on the plane.

How do I copy and paste from one rhino file to another?

  1. Select object(s) to be copied.
  2. “Ctrl C”
  3. Go to second instance of Rhino.
  4. “Crtl V”

How do you mirror in rhino?


  1. Select the objects.
  2. Pick the start of the mirror plane.
  3. Pick the end of the mirror plane. As you move the cursor, Rhino previews the location for the mirrored objects. The two end points specify a mirror plane perpendicular to the construction plane.

How do you make a polar array in Rhino?


  1. Select the objects.
  2. Pick the center of the array. The rotation axis for the polar array is the z direction of the active construction plane at the chosen point.
  3. Type the number of items and press Enter.
  4. Enter a value of 2 or more.
  5. Type the angle to fill.

How do I change mouse settings in Rhino?

If you like, you can change the Mouse behavior globally, not just in Rhino. And when you're done with Rhino you can change it back if you like. Go to Control Panel, Mouse, and in the Buttons TAB check the option Switch primary and secondary buttons, click Apply and OK.

How do I reset zoom in rhino?

Select the object you're trying to get close to and run the command Zs, or View >Zoom > Selected. It should reset the zoom.