What is an AR workshop?

What is an AR workshop?

AR Workshop®: a boutique DIY studio that offers hands-on classes for creating custom and charming home decor from raw materials. Join an instructor-led workshop to make customizable wood signs, frames, canvas pillows, round signs, lazy susans, centerpiece boxes, trays, chunky knit blankets and more!

How much does it cost to open an AR workshop?

Facts & Figures
Liquid capital required$50,000
Investment$60,000 - $100,000
Franchise fee$20,000 - $30,000

Do you tip at Ar workshop?

No, not at all.

What do I need for a paint party?


  1. Acrylic Paint (Scroll down in this post for suggestions)
  2. Canvases.
  3. Brushes.
  4. Table-Top Easels.
  5. Instructional Easel.
  6. Table Cloths.
  7. Water Containers.
  8. Paper Towels.

How do you paint a pocket door without removing it?

Mask the door's hardware on both sides using blue painter's tape. If you're painting the door in the track, mask all door trim adjacent to the door. Seal the edges of the tape firmly to prevent paint bleeding. Push the door to its fully exposed position if you plan to paint it without removing it from the track.

Can you remove a pocket door without removing trim?

In order to remove a pocket door without touching the trim, start by taking out the jamb stops on each end. Next, position the pocket door in such a way that its rollers detach from the track. You can now remove the pocket door by lifting and tilting it carefully so that the frame isn't damaged.

How do you fix a pocket door without removing trim?

If the door is slightly narrower than the framed opening, you can remove the floor mounted door guide and push the bottom of the door either in or out , then slightly lift the door so the rollers (attached to the top of the door) can be lifted off the track and door removed.

Can you replace a pocket door without removing drywall?

You don't have to cut into drywall to remove a pocket door, at least not a properly installed one. To remove, you have to remove the stop trim around the door jam. Once that is off, you should be able to tilt the pocket door in the opening to lift it off the track if it is an older style J-track.