Where are full stops used?

Where are full stops used?

A full stop is mostly used at the end of a declarative sentence, or a statement that is considered to be complete. This punctuation mark is also used following an abbreviation. A full stop can also be shown at the end of a group of words that don't form a typical sentence.

Do titles have periods?

Don't use end punctuation in headlines, headings, subheadings, UI titles, UI text, or simple lists (three or fewer words per item). End all sentences with a period, even if they're only two words. Put one space, not two, after a period.

Do you put a dot after Mr and Mrs?

The dot after Mr. and Mrs. indicates that it is an abbreviation, just as you put a dot after any abbreviation. ... Fowler's Modern English Usage (BE) says not to use the dot, and the Oxford Dictionary of English does not use a dot for Mr or Mrs, but does for Prof.

Do you need a period after an abbreviation at the end of a sentence?

When you end a sentence with an abbreviation, you don't need an extra period. The period that ends the abbreviation also ends the sentence.

What is period at the end of sentence?

What is a Period? A period is a small dot-shaped punctuation mark that is used at the end of any sentence that is intended to make a statement. As with other punctuation marks that end sentences, the period should be placed directly behind the last letter of the last word of the sentence.

How do you write with or without?

w/ – “with” c/o – “care of” A/C – “air conditioning” w/o – “without

What is the sign for without?

The sign for "without" starts as the sign WITH and then opens into loose "5" handshapes. Compare to: LOSE (As in "I lost my keys."

How can I start a sentence without using?

8 Answers

  1. Start with a word ending in 'ing'. e.g. Opening the door, he stepped into the dark. ...
  2. Start with a preposition (so a prepositional phrase). ...
  3. Start with an adverb. ...
  4. Begin with a subordinating conjunction (so a subordinate clause). ...
  5. Write a passive sentence i.e. object + verb.

What is the medical sign for without?

List of medical abbreviations: S
without (s with an overbar) (from Latin sine)
Sxsymptoms surgery (though deemed by some as inappropriate)
S1first heart sound

What does C mean in pharmacy?

The c is almost always lower-case. This symbol actually has a very simple meaning. A c with a line over it just means "with". This abbreviation is often used on patient charts and prescriptions, as well as information or notes written by medical professionals.

What does F mean in medical terms?

Abbreviation for respiratory frequency; femto-; formyl; fugacity.

What is the medical symbol for before?


What is the abbreviation of immediately?


What is the abbreviation for at bedtime?

h.s.at bedtimeDerived from Latin, hora somni (“at the hour of sleep”)