Does related need a hyphen?

Does related need a hyphen?

“Computer related” is a compound adjective and whether or not you should use a hyphen depends on where it is located in the sentence. If it appears before the word it modifies, include a hyphen. If after, omit the hyphen. ... (the noun being modified appears after the compound adjective)

Does second grade need a hyphen?

Use a hyphen with a grade number when the ordinal form is used as a compound adjective before a noun. Otherwise, do not use a hyphen with a grade number. The first-grade students went on a field trip. ... The sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students go to a middle school.

Does family owned have a hyphen?

Suspensive hyphenation comes in handy when you want to say that a business is family-owned and it's also family-operated, but you don't want to repeat the word “family.” ... The hyphen attached to “operated” doesn't touch two words.

Does much loved have a hyphen?

Context ...? "much-loved" has to be followed by a noun, otherwise it will look weird: "much-loved wife of ..." If I had to choose, I'd go for no hyphen, but more for aesthetic reasons (it would look less "fussy") than anything else. Need to hyphenate much-loved mother, but not my mother was much loved.

Does well mannered have a hyphen?

Hyphenation of well-mannered This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.

Does small time need a hyphen?

Are you trying to hyphenate small-time? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.

Does school age have a hyphen?

Hyphenation of school-age Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.

Does privately owned Need a hyphen?

Do Not Use a Hyphen Example: Three federally funded programs were renewed. Example: The privately owned companies did not disclose financial details.

Is city owned hyphenated?

The correct answer is d), “none of the above.” If the reference were generic, “city-owned property” would be correct, but when a phrase that represents a single concept (such as “City of Los Angeles”) is attached to a one-word adjective to form a phrasal adjective that precedes a noun, an en dash is used in place of a ...

Is hardest working hyphenated?

Highest-grossing film gets a hyphen because it's on the same pattern as hardest-working man: grossing is an adjective modified by the superlative adverb highest.

Does out of town need hyphens?

Hyphenation of out-of-town Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.

Is out of state hyphenated?

in state, out of state Don't hyphenate these words when they stand alone, but hyphenate them when they're compound modifiers: She took a job in state. I traveled out of state this summer. How much is in-state tuition? The number of out-of-state students has increased.

How do you spell out of town?


  1. 1 : coming from or going to another town or city out-of-town mail out-of-town visitors.
  2. 2 : happening in another town or city The band has an out-of-town show tomorrow night.
  3. 3 British : located away from the center of a town out-of-town shopping centers.

How do you say I am out of town?

“ I'll be 'out of station'/'out of town'. ” Both are now accepted as conversational ways of saying that you'll be travelling, and they're used similarly.

How do you say I am out of station?

away; not present in a place: I am at present out of station and will reply on my return.

What does it mean to go out on the town?

You use the phrase 'Out on the Town' to describe the act of going out to enjoy. yourself, particularly in the evening. Example of use: “We went out on the town last night.

What does on the town mean?

enjoying yourself by going to places of entertainment in a town or city: I was out on the town/I had a night on the town last night, and I'm exhausted!

What is out of the country?

: an outlying area or country. out-country. adjective. Definition of out-country (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : alien, foreign looked down upon out-country peoples.

What means out and about?

phrase. If someone is out and about, they are going out and doing things, especially after they have been unable to for a while. Despite considerable pain she has been getting out and about almost as normal.

What does what it do mean in slang?

what's up, what's going on, not actually a question. more like a statement.

Are and our meaning?

“Are” and “our” may sound similar, but they play different roles in language: Are is the second-person singular present tense (i.e., “You are”) and plural present tense (i.e., “We are,” “You are,” “they are,” etc.) ... Our is a first-person plural possessive pronoun, meaning “belonging to us.”

What is the part of speech of around?

language note: Around is an adverb and a preposition. In British English, the word 'round' is often used instead. Around is often used with verbs of movement, such as 'walk' and 'drive,' and also in phrasal verbs such as 'get around' and 'turn around. '