What is the meaning of small caps?

What is the meaning of small caps?

The term small cap describes companies with a relatively small market capitalization. ... The definition for small cap varies, but generally means a company with $300 million to $2 billion in market capitalization.

Can I withdraw my sip anytime?

Yes, an investor can withdraw his/her investment in part or fully in SIP.

What is the minimum period for SIP?

This SIP Plan allows you to carry on the investments without an end to the mandate date. Generally, an SIP carries an end date after 1 Year, 3Years or 5 years of investment. The investor can hence, withdraw the amount invested whenever he wishes or as per his financial goals.

What happens if SIP is missed?

While mutual fund companies don't penalize for non-payment of a few SIP installments, your SIP will automatically be cancelled if you fail to make the payments for three consecutive months. Also your bank will penalize you for dishonoring the auto debit payments.

Is SIP amount fixed?

In a systematic investment plan or an SIP, a fixed sum is invested regularly in a scheme of mutual funds. Typically amount is invested in an equity mutual fund scheme. If you are planning to invest in mutual funds for the first time, SIP is the best option available for you.

Can I pay sip before due date?

In case of NACH/ECS through bank, SIP Debit amount can be debited from the investor's bank account on or before two days prior to the SIP order date.