Is soft spoken one word?

Is soft spoken one word?

adj. 1. Speaking with a soft or gentle voice: a soft-spoken instructor.

What does it mean to be softspoken?

English Language Learners Definition of soft-spoken : having a gentle, quiet voice or manner.

Does one third have a hyphen?

In American English, the fraction 1/3 is written out this way: one-third (obviously with a hyphen). A third is informal. One-third is technically how the fraction should be written.

Does two thirds have a hyphen?

Use hyphens in fractions whenever they are written as words, whether they function as a noun (two-thirds is more than one-half), adjective (a two-thirds majority) or adverb (two-thirds finished).

Is 100 percent hyphenated?

(no hyphens because the word "percent" is followed by the adjective "loyal"?) 3. He was loyal, one hundred percent. 4.

Is ten percent hyphenated?

a 10 percent increase (The word percent is always spelled out in text format, and it is never hyphenated.)

Is one mile hyphenated?

The compound is hyphenated if the suffix directly follows a vowel or a word of more than one syllable: daylong, decade-long, hourlong, minute-long, mile-long, monthlong, second-long, weeklong, yearlong. Do not attach -long to a plural: instead of weekslong delay, write a delay of weeks.

Does kid friendly have a hyphen?

A: Yes, and it couldn't be more family-friendly if it tried. Remember to be careful with some “ly” words like “family” or “friendly” that aren't adverbs, so that means they CAN have a hyphen, like a “family-owned restaurant” or a “friendly-looking puppy”.

Is miles an hour hyphenated?

“They also believe she was driving more than three times the 30 miles per hour speed limit.” Because the phrase “30 miles per hour” is functioning to specify the speed limit, it should be hyphenated: 30-miles-per-hour. An alternative would be to use the abbreviation 30 mph without hyphens.

Is Childlike hyphenated?

Any like words can be spelled without hyphenating. Childlike; lifelike; birdlike. Self words should be hyphenated.

How do you spell childlike?

adjective. like a child, as in innocence, frankness, etc.; befitting a child: childlike trust.

How do I become a childlike?

Here are ways to be positively childlike while avoiding childishness:

  1. Be expectant without acting entitled. ...
  2. Experience joy in the moment. ...
  3. Accept (and embrace) others. ...
  4. Say what's on your mind. ...
  5. Let other people help you without feeling diminished.