Is a hyphenated word a compound word?

Is a hyphenated word a compound word?

Compound words can be written in three ways: as open compounds (spelled as two words, e.g., ice cream), closed compounds (joined to form a single word, e.g., doorknob), or hyphenated compounds (two words joined by a hyphen, e.g., long-term). ...

What is a hyphenated modifier?

Grammarly. · Grammar. A compound modifier consists of two words connected by a hyphen, which act together like one adjective. Usually, compound modifier words could be understood as individual modifiers or nouns, so the hyphen is required to clarify the function of the words.

What are the types of modifiers?

There are two types of modifiers: adjectives and adverbs.

Does twenty first have a hyphen?

Compound numerals Hyphenate compound cardinal and ordinal numerals from twenty-one (twenty-first) to ninety-nine (ninety-ninth) when they are written out: There are twenty-nine members on the committee.

Does middle class have a hyphen?

One hyphenation rule that you can almost take to the bank is this one: When you use a compound adjective (or phrasal adjective) before a noun, use a hyphen. ... Middle-class neighborhood, but the neighborhood is middle class (adjective + noun)

Does two hundred have a hyphen?

And if you do need to write out more numbers as words, you can follow these rules. Use a hyphen when writing two-word numbers from twenty-one to ninety-nine (inclusive) as words. But don't use a hyphen for hundreds, thousands, millions and billions.

Does well known have a hyphen?

"Well-known can be spelled with or without a hyphen. You usually spell it with a hyphen in front of a noun and without a hyphen after a verb. For examples: I took him to a well-known doctor in Harley Street.

Does well rounded have a hyphen?

You do need a hyphen for well phrases, like well-pleaded complaint, well-known jurist, and well-rounded person. If you look for them, you'll find compound-modifier hyphens in any well-edited publication. You can use several hyphens if the modifying phrase has several words.

Is year old hyphenated?

Year old” should be hyphenated when it modifies a noun that follows it. That is, when the phrase is describing the age of a person, place, or thing, and it precedes that noun in a sentence, then it should be written as year-old.

Does one inch have a hyphen?

A. That part of the table is explaining what to do when a “number + noun” modifies another noun. In “one and a half inches,” inches is not modified by a “number + noun” phrase; it is merely modified by a number: one and a half. Therefore no hyphens.

Is half million hyphenated?

The hyphen is required because half-million is a compound adjective describing dollars.

Is two fifths hyphenated?

(In this example, "two-fifths" is hyphenated because it quantifies "reduction.")

How do you write three fifths?

Three fifths as a percentage is 60%. To express 3/5 as a percentage, we first divide 3 by 5: 3 / 5 = . 6.

How do you write one and a half?

It is acceptable to write one half as a hyphenated word, "one-half" or non-hyphenated, "one half".

Is month long hyphenated?

So the rules for hyphenating compound adjectives say that, in most cases, you should hyphenate two words that come before a noun to modify it, giving you “months-long protests.”

Is monthlong a word?

You won't find it in standard dictionaries, but dictionaries often leave out compounds made of words that have entries of their own. For example, we've seen only three standard dictionaries with entries for “monthlong” or “month-long” as a singular compound adjective.

Is Hong Kong hyphenated?

HONG KONG— Take this dateline. This newspaper — as befits its New York origin — spells it as two words. ... The truly politically correct, however, will already be writing Hong Kong not just as one word but as Xianggang. That is the official version in pinyin, mainland China's version of romanization.

Is it 3 month or 3 months?

It should be : within a three-month period(note the hyphen) OR simply within three months(no period, no apostrophe). This was discussed in detail in one of the earlier threads. May be one of our friends could give a lead.