How do I sort Top 10 in Excel?

How do I sort Top 10 in Excel?

Click on the arrow to the right of the Order ID drop down box and select Value Filters > Top 10 from the popup menu. When the Top 10 Filter (Order ID) window appears, select Top, 10, Items, and Sum of Quantity in the respective drop downs. Then click on the OK button.

How do I create a filter list in Excel?


  1. On the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Filter.
  2. Click the arrow. in the column header to display a list in which you can make filter choices. Note Depending on the type of data in the column, Microsoft Excel displays either Number Filters or Text Filters in the list.

How do I create a custom filter?

To use advanced number filters:

  1. Select the Data tab on the Ribbon, then click the Filter command. ...
  2. Click the drop-down arrow for the column you want to filter. ...
  3. The Filter menu will appear. ...
  4. The Custom AutoFilter dialog box will appear. ...
  5. The data will be filtered by the selected number filter.

How do I create a custom list?

Create your own custom list. Select all of the cells in that list, and then click File > Options > Advanced. Scroll way down to the General section and click Edit Custom Lists... In the Custom Lists box, click Import.

Is there a list function in Excel?

Open a worksheet containing a table of data. Click somewhere inside the data area and choose Data > List > Create List. Excel makes a guess as to the range containing the data and gives you the option of specifying whether or not your list has headers.

How do you do a list formula in Excel?

Select A1 (any cell) and go to Data → Data Options → Data Validation (pre-2007, Data → Validation). Select List from the Allow: box, type =Worksheet_Names in the Source: box, and click OK. With this cell still selected, click in the Name Box (left of formula bar), type SheetNames, and press Enter.

What is Len formula?

The Excel LEN function returns the length of a given text string as the number of characters. LEN will also count characters in numbers, but number formatting is not included. Get the length of text. Number of characters. =LEN (text)

Where is the list in Excel?

You can also store your items in an Excel table to create a dynamic drop-down list.

  1. On the second sheet, select a list item.
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Tables group, click Table.
  3. Excel automatically selects the data for you. ...
  4. If you select the list, Excel reveals the structured reference.