Where did the mycenaeans originally come from?

Where did the mycenaeans originally come from?

The Mycenaean civilization (c. 1700 to 1050 BC) originated in mainland Greece eventually controlling the nearby islands, including Crete. Their Linear B script represented an early form of Greek.

Who destroyed the Minoans?

Invasion by Mycenaeans - Complete destruction of the Minoan Civilization. Archaeologists have now enough evidence to believe that the reputed Minoan Civilization was severely damaged and affected by the eruption of Santorini Volcano, which destroyed their fleet.

Is Minos a demigod?

Minos was a mythical king in the island of Crete, the son of Zeus and Europa.

Are minotaurs evil?

Minotaurs were evil giant muscular humanoids with fur-covered bodies and bull-like heads. It was once believed that all minotaurs were male; actually cursed humans that had been altered by the gods or a demon lord to become a minotaur.

Is the labyrinth real?

The Cretan Labyrinth was cast as a “real” monument, in a re-interpretation of an otherwise little known Bronze Age Minoan culture. ... However, there are real labyrinthine cave structures carved out of limestone near the ancient Roman city of Gortyn, in the heartland of Crete, which also add to speculation.

How were Minoans and Mycenaeans similar?

How were the Minoans and Mycenaeans similar? They both traded with other societies, influenced Greek culture, and used the sea for travel. What is a polis? Why do you think the Greeks built their cities around a high acropolis?