Why are the mycenaeans important?

Why are the mycenaeans important?

The Mycenaeans are the first Greeks, in other words, they were the first people to speak the Greek language. ... The Mycenaeans were influenced by the earlier Minoan civilization, located on the island of Crete. This influence is seen in Mycenaean palaces, clothing, frescoes, and their writing system, called Linear B.

Which culture produces kamares?


What did mycenaeans learn from Minoans?

What did the Mycenaeans learn from the Minoans? Working with bronze, building ships, use of the sun and stars for navigation at sea, and religious practices. ... skilled warriors that used bronze and gold weapons.

What were Minoan and Mycenaean culture like?

The Minoans and the Mycenaeans were two of the early civilizations that developed in Greece. The Minoans lived on the Greek islands and built a huge palace on the island of Crete. The Mycenaeans lived mostly on mainland Greece and were the first people to speak the Greek language.

Why were the Minoans a successful culture?

How did the Minoan culture prosper? * The Minoan culture grew from its trade along the Aegean Sea - they were traders not warriors. * Minoan traders set up outposts along throughout the Aegean world and crossed the Aegean Sea to the Nile Valley and Middle East.

Why are Minoans important?

The Minoans have an important place in world history, as building the first civilization to appear on European soil. ... It was located on the island of Crete, which is now a part of Greece. The Minoans were famous for the magnificent palaces they built, above all at Knossos.

Who did the Minoans worship?

Mother Goddess

How did the Minoans become a trading civilization?

Some believe that a group of Greeks called ___ invaded the Minoan. they built their own ships, sailed the sea, and traded everywhere they went. How did the Minoans become a trading civilization? ... Because of trade, what was the result of the Minoan and Mycenaean kingdoms cultures mixing?

What caused the Minoan decline?

Evidence suggests that the Minoans disappeared so suddenly because of the massive volcanic eruption in the Santorini Islands. ... We know now that the Santorini eruption and the collapse of the volcanic cone into the sea caused tsunamis which devastated the coasts of Crete and other Minoan coastal towns.

How do we know about the Minoans?

Minoan history is marked by a series of natural disasters or major social disruptions, the first of which was the volcanic eruption of nearby Thera (Santorini) – now newly radiocarbon-dated from a charred fragment of olive wood to the early 1500s BC.

How was life in ancient Greece affected by geography?

Greece's steep mountains and surrounding seas forced Greeks to settle in isolated communities. Travel by land was hard, and sea voyages were hazardous. Most ancient Greeks farmed, but good land and water were scarce. ... Many ancient Greeks sailed across the sea to found colonies that helped spread Greek culture.

What kind of movement is represented by the Minoans and Phoenicians?

Answer: Sea travel, is the right answer. Explanation: From about 2000 BC, communities residing nearby the Mediterranean Sea, including Mycenaeans, Minoans and Phoenicians developed sturdy wooden vessels powered by sails and paddles.