What is the name of the Minoan language?

What is the name of the Minoan language?

The Minoan language is the language (or languages) of the ancient Minoan civilization of Crete written in the Cretan hieroglyphs and later in the Linear A syllabary.

How were the mycenaeans influenced by the Minoans?

Mycenaeans were affected by the Minoans through the borrowing borrowed from the Minoan culture of Crete. They adapted the Minoan form of writing and artistic design. The Mycenaeans also became interested in trade. With that one can infer that cultural diffusion evolved.

How did the mycenaeans collapse?

Suggestions from scholars to explain the general collapse of the Mycenaean culture (and other contemporary ones in the Mediterranean) include natural disaster (earthquakes, volcanic explosions, and tsunami), overpopulation, internal social and political unrest, invasion from foreign tribes such as the Sea Peoples, ...

Why didn't the Minoans archaeologists build walls around their city?

2. The Minoans started as farmers but eventually turned to trade. 3. Since the Minoans depended on the sea and their ships for protection, their cities were not walled.

Why is it called the Greek Dark Ages?

The year 1100 B.C. or so marked the end of higher civilization in the Aegean for a long time. The succeeding period (1100-750 B.C.) is conventionally called the Dark Ages of Greece, and it is aptly named. Because writing disappeared along with Mycenaean civilization, no written evidence exists for this period.