What does a standard deviation of 0 mean?

What does a standard deviation of 0 mean?

A standard deviation is a number that tells us. to what extent a set of numbers lie apart. A standard deviation can range from 0 to infinity. A standard deviation of 0 means that a list of numbers are all equal -they don't lie apart to any extent at all.

What happens to standard deviation when you multiply by a constant?

Standard DeviationStandard deviation. Adding or subtracting a constant from the scores does not change the standard deviation. However, multiplying or dividing by a constant means that the standard deviation will be multiplied or divided by the same constant.

Can you divide standard deviation?

For standard deviation, it's all about how far each term is from the mean. ... In other words, if you add or subtract the same amount from every term in the set, the standard deviation doesn't change. If you multiply or divide every term in the set by the same number, the standard deviation will change.

What does Standard Deviation tell you about precision or accuracy?

Precision is determined by a statistical method called a standard deviation. ... Standard deviation is how much, on average, measurements differ from each other. High standard deviations indicate low precision, low standard deviations indicate high precision.