Where are the Mycenaean ruins?

Where are the Mycenaean ruins?

The Mycenaean Ruins were the ruins located in Skandeia Bay on Kythera Island, Greece.

Who is the most dangerous Greek god AC Odyssey?


What happens if you kill the daughters of Artemis?

You won't immediately kill her, but instead, will have a conversation with her once the battle has been won. She will die shortly after this dialogue.

What happens when you kill all the cultists?

Killing All Cultists and thus bringing down the Cult will unlock The Cult Unmasked trophy or achievement. This guide shows where to find all Cultists. You unlock the Cultists Menu in Sequence 3. By then you will already have killed two of them automatically through story progress.

What happens if you kill Wolf of Sparta?

If you choose to kill Nikolaos, the following happens: Nikolaos will be dead for the rest of the story, meaning he can't reappear further down the line. Seeing the commotion, Stendor will try to intervene and on seeing Nikoloas' dead body, will attack you.

Should I kill or spare the Wolf of Sparta?

There's no way to save him. If you spare Nikolaos, Nikolaos will disappear for a while but will show up later in the game with some new quest lines in tow that you'd otherwise miss - and in addition Stendor won't turn on you and will continue to live.

Is Kassandra better than Alexios?

12 Kassandra: Better Voice Acting There's no question about it - Kassandra is a hundred times a more engaging character to follow because of the level of her voice acting eclipsing Alexios'. ... Even if players just play the intro to the game as Alexios and then Kassandra, they'll see a difference.

Should I kill the wolves or follow Myrrine?

On your way you will come across children fighting with wolves. Myrrine informs you that this is a Spartan test - you can help the children or move along. Kill the wolves if you have decided to help the children. The kids will die, regardless of your decision.

Who is Alexios real father?


Is Alexios Kassandra's brother?

Yes, they are half-siblings. Alexios is the son of Myrrine and Nikolaus, and Kassandra is the daughter of Myrrine and Pythagoras.

Can you marry in AC Odyssey?

But marriage fans be warned, your character's lust can lead them to engaging in a spot of adultery. Your potential Assassin's Creed Odyssey romance partners can be found all over Greece, performing an active role in main and side quests....All Assassin's Creed Odyssey romance options.
LykaonPhokisHelping a Healer

Is Darius the First assassin?

Darius was first mentioned in Assassin's Creed II, as the first Assassin to wield the Hidden Blade. ... In Legacy of the First Blade Darius served as a boss battle early on and later as an ally who would fight alongside the player character.

Should you kill gergis?

you will need to kill him as he is one of the member of the Order of Dominion. So it does not really matter if you kill him in the Last Magi quest or not as eventually you will encounter him again and are bound to kill him as he is from the Cult.

What happened to Layla at the end of Odyssey?

From this work, she learned of the Spartan mercenary Kassandra who had wielded an Isu weapon, the Spear of Leonidas. ... Declaring Layla the prophesied one who would bring balance, Kassandra passed the staff on to Layla and immediately lost her immortality and expired – Layla held her in her arms as she died.

Who killed Darius?

satrap Bessus

Who killed Darius the First?

The Persian armies had also conquered large parts of Central Asia, but when Cyrus had ventured too much to the north, he had been defeated and killed by tribesmen (530). He was buried at Pasargadae, the town he had once built on the site of his first victory.

Are Darius and Cyrus the same person?

Darius was a member of the royal bodyguard of Cambyses II, the son and heir of Cyrus the Great who ruled for several years before dying mysteriously in 522.

Who killed Darius II?

He became king on his father's death as Xerxes II. Artaxerxes had however 17 illegitimate children, many of whom felt equally entitled. First Sogdianus (Secyndianus in Ctesias) murdered Xerxes and proclaimed himself king; he was murdered most horribly in turn by his half brother Ochus, who became king as Darius II.