What were the various scripts developed by the Mycenaean culture?

What were the various scripts developed by the Mycenaean culture?

Linear B Script was the writing system used by the Mycenaean civilization. Examples of this script have been recovered from late Minoan II contexts in Crete and Mycenaean IIIA-B contexts in mainland Greece, which suggest that the script was in use between c. 1450 and c. 1100 BCE.

Has the Minoan script been deciphered?

Linear A was the primary script used in palace and religious writings of the Minoan civilization. It was discovered by archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. It was succeeded by Linear B, which was used by the Mycenaeans to write an early form of Greek. No texts in Linear A have been deciphered.

What do the Linear B tablets say?

Linear B is a principally syllabic script written with some 89 different signs which have been deciphered as representing both bare vowels (i.e. a, e, i, o, u) and open syllables of the form consonant+vowel (e.g. pa, pe, pi, po, pu).

Where was the Linear B script found?


Who used Linear A script?

Linear A is one of two main scripts used during the Minoan Proto-palatial period (1900–1700 BC); the other is a Cretan hieroglyphic script. Linear A was used in the central-southern region (Mesara) of Crete, and Cretan hieroglyphic script was used on the northern and northeastern parts of Crete.

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