What is the name of the writing system used by the Mycenaean civilization?

What is the name of the writing system used by the Mycenaean civilization?

Linear B Script

What was the writing system of the Minoan called?

The Linear A script was the writing system used by the Minoan civilization.

Has the Minoan language been deciphered?

In what might surely be viewed as one of the potentially great breakthroughs in linguistics in recent years, scientists have finally deciphered the ancient Minoan Language known as “Linear A“, a previously untranslated ancient writing system used from 1800 to 1450 BCE.

What is the main subject of the Mycenaean Linear B tables?

The main purpose of the tablets was to record economic and administrative records. The Mycenaean writing system that uses a combination of pictograms and syllabic forms. Unlike the Minoan Linear A system, it was more organized and was deciphered in 1953 by Michael Ventris.

What was life like for the mycenaeans?

Like many things in the Mycenaean society, housing for the Mycenaeans was largely dependent on class. Since the Mycenaeans had a strict social hierarchy, the king and other leaders lived in elaborate palaces. The workers, however, lived in smaller homes closer to the fields where they worked.

What is the subject of much Minoan pottery?

Well-known themes in Minoan fresco painting include fanciful floral arrangements, heavily adorned women and men, shrines and other religious motifs, and, perhaps most well-known, acrobats or athletes leaping over a bull. Not suprisingly, some of the most decorative ceramic types also come from the Late Minoan period.