How do you superscript left in Word?

How do you superscript left in Word?

Inserting left-subscripts

  1. At the place in the document where you want to insert the left subscript, ...
  2. Click the control with e^x (e and a superscripted x) on it.
  3. In the pane that opens, click the option with an array of 3 boxes, two of. ...
  4. In the Equation Equator control, type a space in the upper left-hand box, ...
  5. Press End twice.

How do you superscript double in Word?

Microsoft Word: How to Make a Double Superscript

  1. Type the characters as normal.
  2. Select the character to be raised twice, and raise it once using the normal superscript button.
  3. Select the character again and open the font dialog box (CTRL + D).
  4. Switch to the Character Spacing tab.
  5. Set the position to raised.

How do you make a superscript in word equation?

Tips for Using Microsoft Word Equation Editor

  1. tab right takes you out.
  2. ctrl+L puts you into subscript mode.
  3. ctrl+J assigns both a superscript and a subscript.

How do you put a bar over a letter on a Mac?

The first character to appear in the middle display is the combining macron. With your insertion point still behind the number (or letter) that you typed — double-click the combining macron symbol in the middle character panel. The number will instantly receive a macron (bar) above it.

How do you overline in Word Mac?

Select either the “Bar” under “Accents” on the drop-down menu… …or select the “Overbar” under “Overbars and Underbars”. The “Overbar” produces a slightly longer line above the text than the “Bar”. The selected accent displays over the small dotted box in the equation object.

What does a bar mean in probability?

The vertical bar is often called a 'pipe'. It is often used in mathematics, logic and statistics. It typically is read as 'given that'. In probability and statistics it often indicates conditional probability, but can also indicate a conditional distribution.

How do you show a number goes on forever?

A decimal number with a digit (or group of digits) that repeats forever. The part that repeats can also be shown by placing dots over the first and last digits of the repeating pattern, or by a line over the pattern.

Is 2/5 terminating or repeating?

To find out whether a fraction will have a terminating or recurring decimal, look at the prime factors of the denominator when the fraction is in its most simple form. If they are made up of 2s and/or 5s, the decimal will terminate.

What do you call a number that never ends?

Decimals which go on for ever, never ending and never forming a repeating pattern. These numbers are called irrational numbers and cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Is 7/9 a terminating decimal?

To convert seven-ninths to a decimal, simply divide 7 by 9. As is evident from the image above, 7/9 is a non-terminating decimal equal to 0....