How do you superscript in Word Mobile?

How do you superscript in Word Mobile?

Some superscript such as powers are supported, at least by the Google Keyboard. Simply switch to numerical mode and long press the number buttons.

Is the 2 in H2O a subscript?

H20 is dihydrogen monoxide or simply water. The 2 is the subscript of H, which represents the presence of 2 Hydrogen atoms. ... In this case, hydrogen is bonded to oxygen.

What is the squared symbol called?


What does x2 mean in math?

x2 means x times x. Also, X2 is not the same as x2. X2 (pronounced x sub 2) refers to a second unique value of x. For example, delta x (meaning a change in x on a graph)

What does 3 squares a day mean?

The three nutritionally complete meals (in one day), that is, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A steady income, a place to sleep, and three squares a day—going into the military was the best decision of my life!

Why do we say square meal?

What Is the Origin of the Saying "Square Meal"? The term square meal is a nautical term from the days of old sailing ships. Any significant meals (usually the last one of the day) would be eaten off a square-shaped wooden plate, which also served as the tray. A decent meal on board became known as a square meal.

Why do we eat 3 meals a day?

The idea is that, by eating three meals a day while breaking them up with some fruits and vegetables in between, you're able to control your food intake and your appetite. Spreading calories throughout the day keeps you from getting hungry after each meal.

What is considered a square meal?

The term “square meal” is a piece of slang which dates back to 1800s America. It refers to a large, substantial meal which is filling, satisfying, and usually tasty as well. ... A balanced breakfast is an example of a square meal.