What is the meaning of mints?

What is the meaning of mints?

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What is Mint called in English?

Mentha (also known as mint, from Greek μίνθα míntha, Linear B mi-ta) is a genus of plants in the family Lamiaceae (mint family).

What does mint mean on Tik Tok?

Adolescent TikTok users are making fun of themselves for their questionable life decisions with a new catchphrase: “f–king mint.” According to the highest-rated UrbanDictionary definition on the term, “mint” is used to describe when something cool happens (because mints make your mouth cool, get it?).

Why is Mint called Mint?

The origin of the word "mint" is ascribed to the manufacture of silver coin at Rome in 269 BC at the temple of Juno Moneta. This goddess became the personification of money, and her name was applied both to money and to its place of manufacture.

Does Mint mean good?

It's mint! The word mint has two distinct meanings in English. ... 'In mint condition' has now given rise to a new use of mint in modern British colloquial usage as an adjective meaning 'great, fantastic, brilliant'. It is particularly common in the Geordie dialect of Newcastle in the North-East of England.

Is mint condition better than good?

Mint Condition: When we say mint, we mean mint. No wear, like new out of the box. Excellent Condition: Very clean, might have some minor wear, dings, scratches, or finish cracks, but otherwise very close to new condition.

Does mint condition mean brand new?

For instance, when describing trading cards, "perfect" condition is used to describe the condition as it is when pulled from a pack, while "mint" would be new but opened.

What does 10 mint or better mean?

A PSA Gem Mint 10 card is a virtually perfect card. Attributes include four perfectly sharp corners, sharp focus and full original gloss. A PSA Gem Mint 10 card must be free of staining of any kind, but an allowance may be made for a slight printing imperfection, if it doesn't impair the overall appeal of the card.

What is as new condition?

: in very good condition : like something that has recently been made. See the full definition.

What does as good as new mean?

: in very good condition : like something that has recently been made He painted the bicycle, and now it's as good as new.

What is another word for good condition?

What is another word for in good condition?
wellin good health
in good shapehale and hearty
vigorousin fine fettle

What does opened never used mean?

The official definition for “Openednever used” is: “An item in excellent, new condition with no wear. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The item may include original accessories.

What is the difference between open-box and new?

However, there's a big difference between refurbished and open-box products. Refurbished items are damaged goods that have been repaired to return them to like-new condition, while open-box items have simply been returned to the store for some reason, then put back on store shelves with an open-box label.

Does open-box mean new?

An open-box item looks and feels brand new, although its packaging can sometimes show some wear and tear. ... Open-box products are often unused returns, or demo models from retail locations that just can't be sold as “brand new” anymore.

What does it mean if something is open-box?

Typically, open-box items are goods returned by customers, inspected by the retailer, found to be in working order, and re-sold at a discount, rather than returned to the manufacturer.

Are open box laptops good?

Open Box Laptop and Their Longevity The longevity of an open box laptop is based on the quality and life expectancy of the model being bought. Technically, the laptop's value has really not depreciated, as the box has only been opened. ... Overall there is no right or wrong to buying an open box laptop.

Is open box excellent good?

1. Best Buy open box products aren't repaired by the factory. Best Buy open box items are all tested and inspected to verify that they work correctly, and to assign them a condition: Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory, or Fair. ... A small number of open box products were returned due to a defect and repaired.

Are open box products good?

Buying open box increases your savings while also reducing waste. Often times retailers and wholesalers are not set up to warehouse or sell the open box items that may arrive in their shipment. These perfectly good items can go to waste.

What is Amazon open box like new?

Amazon open box or used like new is most likely an item which has been returned, and has damaged packaging only, meaning the item itself is in perfect shape.

What does Best Buy mean by open box?

Each open-box product was tested or inspected to verify proper working order and physical appearance, and assigned a condition — Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory or Fair. In addition, most open-box products include all parts and accessories (exceptions are noted as part of the product's condition).

What is open box excellent?

After being tested and reviewed by the store, the Open Box item receives a condition score: Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory, or Fair. This means the product has not been inspected or repaired by skilled factory personnel.

Is wayfair open box worth it?

If you're looking for furniture, Wayfair has an open box and clearance section that could help you save on a quality piece of decor for beauty or comfort. Even if they don't have exactly the item you might be looking for, you may be able to locate something similar at a reduced price.

Can you negotiate Best Buy open box?

“If the box is dented, ripped or been opened, you can negotiate the price down,” says Fobes of PennyPinchinMom.com. “Start at asking for a 25% discount and see what happens. You can usually get at least another 10% off.”

Is Best Buy open box returnable?

Return and exchange periods If you want to return or exchange your purchase, please know that the time period begins the day you receive your product and applies to new, clearance, open-box, refurbished and pre-owned products.

What Is Best Buy open box policy?

Typically, open-box items are goods returned by customers, inspected by the retailer, found to be in working order, and re-sold at a discount, rather than returned to the manufacturer The open-box products sold at Best Buy come with a complete manufacturer warranty as a new one.

Can I return a TV without the box?

From my understanding as long as you have your receipt, are within your 30 days return period for regular customers and 45 days for Reward Zone Premium members and there is no damage to the TV then yes you are able to return it without the box. Box is not needed. They usually get rid of it with open item TVs anyways.

What stores give you cash without a receipt?

Most of the stores listed below will return or exchange an item without a receipt and give you 90 days or more to make the transaction.

  1. Nordstrom. ...
  2. Kohl's. ...
  3. REI. ...
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond. ...
  5. L.L. Bean. ...
  6. J.C. Penney. ...
  7. Wal-Mart.

What do I do if I don't have receipt?

Talk to the Store Manager A store clerk will ask for your receipt or warranty card. That's how they are trained. But if you can't present either of these two documents, you can ask to talk to the store manager who can deal with the matter at hand.

Can I get a refund without a receipt?

Stores often try the "no refund or return without a receipt" line. ... But where an item fails, shops do not have the right to demand a receipt. A credit card slip or statement or even the say-so of a person who was present when the products were purchased, are legally enough.

Who has the best return policy for electronics?

Here are some of the retailers with the most generous return policies.

  • Athleta. ...
  • Costco. ...
  • Lands' End. ...
  • Target. ...
  • Zappos. ...
  • Ulta. ...
  • American Eagle. ...
  • Kohl's. Kohl's allows for most purchased items to be returned within 180 days of purchase, and that extends to all products except for premium electronics.