What does minted mean in slang?

What does minted mean in slang?

Definition of minted cool, good, fantastic, amazing, etc.

What does Minty mean in text?

Definition of minty attractive, beautiful, hot, pretty, lovely, etc.

What does it mean when someone says your mint?

If you say that someone makes a mint, you mean that they make a very large amount of money. [informal] Everybody thinks I'm making a mint. They were worth a mint. Synonyms: fortune, million, bomb [British, slang], pile [informal] More Synonyms of mint.

What does mented mean?

The process of thinking. ... An example of mentation is thinking through a problem.

What does total mintage mean?

Mintage(n.) The quantity of coins of a specific type made by the mint; as, coins of low mintage tend to be more valuable as collectors' items.

What does proof mintage mean?

Proof coinage refers to special early samples of a coin issue, historically made for checking the dies and for archival purposes, but nowadays often struck in greater numbers specially for coin collectors (numismatists).

What determines the value of a coin?

The primary influence on the value or price of a coin is the supply of that particular coin in a particular grade that is available for people to buy. The total possible supply available to the market is determined by the initial mintage of that coin.

How do I know if I have a rare coin?

How to Tell If You Have Rare Coins

  • Examine the Coin as a Whole. Before you inspect individual aspects, look over the coin as a whole. ...
  • Look Over the Lettering. The lettering of a coin is one easy location to discover rarities. ...
  • Inspect the Mintmark. The date and mintmark are the easiest way to diagnose valuable rare coins. ...
  • Check the Die Rotation.

How much is a dollar coin worth in 2020?

USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 2020-P Native American & Sacagawea Dollar (Elizabeth Peratrovich - Anti-Discrimination Law Of 1945 Variety) is Worth $5.

What is the rarest Sacagawea dollar?

Cheerios Dollar

How do you know if you have a rare Sacagawea coin?

It wasn't until 2005 that coin collector Pat Braddick noticed the difference between a regular issued Sacagawea dollar and the ones that were placed in the boxes of Cheerios. Look for sharp and crisp details in the eagle's tail feathers to identify this rare variety.

How much is a 2000 Sacagawea wounded eagle?

2000 P Sacagawea Wounded Eagle Dollar Value 2000 P Sacagawea Wounded Eagle Dollar Value is $200 in MS63 to $8,000 in MS68, and must be graded as such my NGC, PCGS, ICG or ANACS.

What is a wounded eagle Sacagawea dollar?

The 2000-P “Wounded EagleSacagawea dollar is so named because of a raised die flaw that cuts across the eagle's belly on the reverse. Less than 300 examples have been certified by PCGS, with the majority grading MS64 through 66.

Is there a Sacagawea coin without date?

Thus, came the Native American Dollar Coins. One thing that you can note about the new designs is that there is no longer a date or a mint mark visible on the dollar.

Why is the 2000-P Sacagawea coin so valuable?

Tom Delorey had a theory that General Mills needed to have these Sacagawea coins early in Fall of 1999 so that the coins could be placed in special holders and put in Cheerios cereal boxes so they could be distributed to grocery stores early in 2000. ... These coins are worth hundreds of dollars in uncirculated condition.

How much is a Sacagawea coin worth today?

These are popular coins but well over a billion have been minted since 2000. There are a couple of special varieties that are collectible like the 2000-P Cheerios coin. However, your regular strike Sacagawea coins are still just worth $1 and will likely only be worth a dollar for the foreseeable future.

What is the most valuable Sacagawea coin?

Top 10 Valuable Sacagawea Dollars By Date/Grade/Variety

  • 2000-P $1 Cheerios MS68 PCGS. Sold For: $
  • 2006-D $1 MS68 PCGS. Sold For: $4,312.

    How can you tell if a dollar is Cheerios?

    The central line of the tail feather shaft is raised on the Sacagawea dollars found in the Cheerios packages (and on the special gold versions), but recessed on coins struck for circulation. The tail feathers on the Cheerios dollars also have more detail than the tail feathers on the coins struck for circulation.

    How much is a 2 dollar bill worth?

    Most large size two-dollar bills issued from 1862 through 1918, are highly collectible and are worth at least $100 in well-circulated condition. Uncirculated large size notes are worth at least $500 and can go up to $10,000 or more.

    Are any $1 coins valuable?

    Value of U.S. One Dollar Coins Mint. Despite their perhaps seemingly elusive nature, the vast majority of these coins are extremely common and still only worth their face value of one dollar. The first silver dollar coins were minted in 1794.

    Are 50 cent pieces valuable?

    Value of Old Silver 50 Cent Coins. ... It is rare to see a half dollar in circulation today (not that the coins themselves are rare). It is worth mentioning that all circulation strike Kennedy half dollars from 1971 and later are just worth their face value of 50 cents.