How much precious metal is in a catalytic converter?

How much precious metal is in a catalytic converter?

There are between 3-7 grams of platinum group metals in a standard catalytic converter, but the amount varies based on manufacturer and model. Keep in mind that the minimum lot size we accept for smelting and refining is 500 catalytic converters or 1000 pounds of loose catalyst.

What is in a catalytic converter that is so valuable?

Catalytic converters contain platinum-group metals that are very price efficient, making it a premium item to purchase for recycling companies. Catalytic converters are made up of numerous precious and valuable metals, including palladium, rhodium, platinum.

What metals do Catalytic converters contain?

The catalyst component of a catalytic converter is usually platinum (Pt), along with palladium (Pd), and rhodium (Rh). All three of these platinum group metals, or PGMs, are extremely rare but have a broad range of applications in addition to catalytic converters.

What's the expensive metal in catalytic converters?


What is the most expensive catalytic converter?

Which Catalytic Converters Are The Most Expensive? According to data from 2020, the most expensive catalytic converter belonged to the Ferrari F430, with a mind-popping $3,770.

What is an old catalytic converter worth?

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Exotic Cat Exotic catalytic converters are from foreign cars. GET QUOTE VIEW METAL DETAILS$500-$802/each
High Grade Domestic Cat Off domestic cars. GET QUOTE VIEW METAL DETAILS$145-$190/each
Pre-Domestic Cat Pre-Domestic Cat. GET QUOTE VIEW METAL DETAILS$27-$60/each

How much is a Toyota catalytic converter worth?

Toyota Catalytic Converter Recycling Prices By Number

How much is a Ford catalytic converter worth?

Those big Ford cats are worth about $65-$110 depending on the scrap yard.

How much is a Prius catalytic converter worth?

The average cost for a Toyota Prius catalytic converter replacement is between $1,750 and $1,800. Labor costs are estimated between $179 and $226 while parts are priced between $1,571 and $1,574.

What are the best catalytic converters to scrap?

Learning About Catalytic Converter Pricing

  • PlatinumPlatinum being used tends to be the best metal for overall performance in the catalytic converter field. ...
  • Palladium – Generally more expensive to use then Platinum, so it tends to be a higher-end luxury item for catalytic converters.

Can I get money for my old catalytic converter?

As a group, you can simply wait until you have 500 or more used converters on hand, then send them directly to Specialty Metal Smelters & Refiners and get more money for every converter. Call us at and we'll tell you how. Start a sideline catalytic converter recycling business of your own.

Are Cadillac converters worth money?

Catalytic converters contain a range of precious metals and can fetch hundreds of dollars on the black market. The fact that they contain valuable metals means catalytic converters are great candidates for recycling. But do not rush to pull yours out when you go to sell or scrap your car.

Are aftermarket catalytic converters worth anything?

The lower precious metal content means that the aftermarket converter holds less value than an original manufacturer's unit when you are selling it for scrap metal. An easy way to identify aftermarket versus original converters is through appearance.

How much rhodium is in the average catalytic converter?

In recent car catalytic converters, Pt concentration ranges from 300 to 1000 μg·g−1; for Pd, the concentration ranges from 200 to 800 μg·g−1; and for rhodium, they vary from 50 to 120 μg·g−1.

How much is a used Prius catalytic converter worth?

Translate that into Toyota Prius that has a very high concentration of palladium in their catalytic converters, and you have a recipe for theft since a Prius converter can easily fetch a prime $850 or more.

Can I drive my Prius without a catalytic converter?

Typically yes. Your vehicle can operate without a Catalytic Converter. It may throw an engine fault code as it does look for the catalyst to filter before reaching the rear oxygen sensor present in your exhaust system to adjust fuel curves or Air to Fuel ratio.

Can a car run without a catalytic converter?

Typically yes. Your vehicle can operate without a Catalytic Converter. It may throw an engine fault code as it does look for the catalyst to filter before reaching the rear oxygen sensor present in your exhaust system to adjust fuel curves or Air to Fuel ratio. There are work arounds for this.

Will insurance cover a stolen catalytic converter?

Most car insurance policies will cover an after-market part. To get an OEM catalytic converter, you'll need to have selected OEM coverage on your insurance policy or you'll have to pay the difference in costs.

What happens if you get caught without a catalytic converter?

In short: DON'T. If your car came with a catalytic converter you're looking at fines of up to $10,000 for removing it. ... Removing the catalytic converter is illegal, but getting caught without one isn't. Most states will simply suspend your smog certification until you get a new one installed.

How much does it cost to replace a stolen catalytic converter?

While national theft figures are not recorded for catalytic converter theft, the crime has risen in tandem with sharply rising metal prices. The unfortunate vehicle owner will have to pay $1,000 or more for a replacement converter to be installed, depending on parts and labor charges.

How can I stop my catalytic converter theft?

What is catalytic converter theft and how can you prevent it?

  1. Park to prevent access underneath. Strategic parking can put thieves off. ...
  2. Catalytic converters with a serial number. Mark it to protect it. ...
  3. Ask a garage to weld the bolts shut. Make it difficult for it to be removed. ...
  4. Catloc. ...
  5. Install security camera(s) ...
  6. Park in well lit areas. ...
  7. Install alarm(s) ...
  8. CatClamp.

Can I replace a catalytic converter with a straight pipe?

Replacing your cat with straight pipe will not harm your engine. You can have straight pipe coming all the way from the manifold to the exhaust tip and it will create enough backpressure for your engine, even if you go with 2 1/4" piping.

What cars are most targeted for catalytic converter theft?

Catalytic converter thieves targeting specific car model in Athens, nationwide. Gary Pomeroy was reading the New York Times on Feb. 9 when he noticed an article on the front page about a rash of catalytic converter thefts across the nation, the Toyota Prius being the most targeted car.

Can you replace a catalytic converter without welding?

It is okay to replace a catalytic converter with using clamps and sleeves. However, you will need to make sure that there is no exhaust leaks. ... It is best to have one welded on but if you cannot have it welded on, you can clamp it on with no leaks.

Is it worth fixing a catalytic converter?

In most cases, though, the fuel economy will drop, the car will fail its smog test, the engine loses power and won't run well, and eventually it can cause severe engine damage from excessive backpressure. It's not worth it to drive with a bad catalytic converter.

What are the signs of a faulty catalytic converter?

Among the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter are:

  • Sluggish engine performance.
  • Reduced acceleration.
  • Dark exhaust smoke.
  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs from the exhaust.
  • Excessive heat under the vehicle.

Can you drill holes in your catalytic converter?

Drilling holes in a catalytic converter will cause it to leak. The leak will affect the readings the sensors in the converter take and it will adjust your engine speed and fuel mix to correct the problem, but due to the leak it won't work.

Can I hit my catalytic converter with a hammer?

You can take a rubber hammer and hit your catalytic converter carefully, and listen to ascertain if there seem to be any loose parts inside it. ... If you find a piece like this in the exhaust system, it's time to replace the catalytic converter.