What are the 12 elements?

What are the 12 elements?

The three group 12 elements that occur naturally are zinc, cadmium and mercury....Physical and atomic properties.
ZElementNo. of electrons/shell
30zinc2, 8, 18, 2
48cadmium2, 8, 18, 18, 2
80mercury2, 8, 18, 32, 18, 2
112copernicium2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 18, 2 (predicted)

Is white phosphorus a war crime?

George Monbiot stated that he believed the firing of white phosphorus by US forces directly at the combatants in Fallujah in order to flush them out so they could then be killed was in contravention of the Chemical Weapons Convention and, therefore, a war crime.

Is napalm banned?

Although the United Nations banned the use of napalm on civilian targets in 1980, numerous reports suggest its use in several modern conflicts. Homemade mixtures approximating napalm have exploded during manufacture or improvised use causing injuries outside of armed conflicts.

Is white phosphorus banned?

The use of white phosphorus is not banned under international convention when it is used as an obscurant – to make a smokescreen or to illuminate a target (white phosphorus glows green when exposed to oxygen). To use it for incendiary weapons in civilian areas is banned under the Geneva convention.

Is white phosphorus poisonous?

White phosphorus is used in the manufacture of munitions, pyrotechnics, explosives, smoke bombs, in artificial fertilizers, and rodenticides. White phosphorus is extremely toxic to humans, while other forms of phosphorus are much less toxic.

Is white phosphorus worse than napalm?

White phosphorus makes a thick smoke when it burns, but once it hits something it stays there and continues to burn, it is more effective against people above ground who are not hiding under thick concrete or dirt roofs because it didn't flow or stick like napalm does, but I have heard it sticks to skin on contact, and ...

Why is white phosphorus dangerous?

White phosphorus is extremely flammable. Phosphorus will spontaneously ignite if exposed to air. ... Phosphorus reacts violently with oxidants, halogens, some metals, nitrites, sulfur, and many other compounds, causing a fire hazard. The agent burns rapidly, releasing dense, white irritating fumes.

When phosphorus is burned in a jar of oxygen?

The product formed when phosphorus burns in oxygen is Phosphorus pentoxide.

Does white phosphorus react with water?

In water, white phosphorus reacts with oxygen within hours or days. In water with low oxygen, white phosphorus may degrade to a highly toxic compound called phosphine, which eventually evaporates to the air and is changed to less harmful chemicals.

Where is Red phosphorus used?

Red phosphorus is used in the production of semiconductors, pyrotechnics, fertilizers, safety matches, pesticides, smoke bombs, incendiary shells in organic synthesis reactions and certain flame retardants. It is also used in electroluminescent coatings.