What are some gods of Mesopotamia?

What are some gods of Mesopotamia?

Top 10 Ancient Mesopotamian Gods

  • Adad or Hadad – the God of Storm and Rain. ...
  • Dagan or Dagon – the God of Crop Fertility. ...
  • Ea – the God of Water. ...
  • Nabu – the God of Wisdom and Writing. ...
  • Nergal – the God of Plague and War. ...
  • Enlil – the God of Air and Earth. ...
  • Ninurta – the God of War, Hunting, Agriculture, and Scribes. ...
  • Nanna – the God of the Moon.

Who is the most powerful Mesopotamian God?


Who was the first god of Mesopotamia?

The earliest Sumerian literature of the third millennium BC identifies four primary deities: An, Enlil, Ninhursag, and Enki. These early deities were believed to occasionally behave mischievously towards each other, but were generally viewed as being involved in co-operative creative ordering.

Who are the oldest gods?

The oldest named deity from a textual source that I know is is Inana, a Sumerian goddess of fertility and war. We have a pictographic symbol of her that dates from 3200 BC which would come to be the basis for her cuneiform name during the Jamdet Nasr period.

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Is chaos a boy or girl?

Chaos was – most Greek cosmologies tell us – the very first of all, the origin of everything, the empty, unfathomable space at the beginning of time....Nyx.
AffiliationOther Gods
Other NamesHaos, Khaos, Arche
Roman NameChaos
English TranslationThe Void, Nothingness

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Incestuous unions were discouraged and considered nefas (against the laws of gods and man) in ancient Rome. ... The law prohibiting marrying a sister's daughter remained.