Is Masaba Masaba scripted?

Is Masaba Masaba scripted?

The series is a scripted version of the life of Masaba Gupta, featuring her family, her love life and her career as a fashion designer. Masaba and her mother, Neena Gupta, play fictionalized versions of themselves.

Who named Masaba?

Masaba Gupta (born November 2nd,1989) is an Indian fashion designer with her own label called House of Masaba.

Is Masaba a country in Africa?

Masaba (Lumasaaba), sometimes known as Gisu (Lugisu) after one of its dialects, is a Bantu language spoken by more than two million people in East Africa. The Gisu dialect in eastern Uganda is mutually intelligible with Bukusu, spoken by ethnic Luhya in western Kenya....Masaba language.
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How do you get good in Lugisu?

Here are some tips I have found useful for learning Lugisu and new languages in general:

  1. First, embrace discomfort, and get to know people who look, act, and speak differently from you. ...
  2. Be patient as you learn new vocabulary, cadences, and mouth movements. ...
  3. Try pronouncing the English words you know a little differently.

When was Masaba Masaba shot?

The web series premiered on Aug, and has gotten social media buzzing since then. Recently, while having an interaction with fans on social media, Masaba Gupta revealed the scene that was the most difficult for her to shoot.