Who was the first Mugisu?

Who was the first Mugisu?

Wangusa (1987), who is a novelist and literature scholar, recounts that the first man among the Bagisu was called Mundu. Together with his wife Seera, Mundu emerged from a hole on top of Mount Elgon (Mount Masaba). They produced two sons- Masaba and Kundu, the former being a hunter while the latter a herdsman.

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Which tribe tells the legend of Mundu and Sera?

The Bagisu people prefer to be called Bamasaba, meaning children of Masaba, their great ancestor. There is common belief among the Bamasaba that their founding ancestors, Mundu and his wife Sera, sprung from a cave on top of Mount Masaba (Elgon) about 500 years ago.

Who is Kintu and Nambi?

In the distant past, Kintu was the only person on earth, living alone with his cow. Ggulu, the creator of all things, lived up in heaven with his many children, who occasionally came down to earth to play. On one such occasion, Ggulu's daughter Nambi and some of her brothers encountered Kintu and his cow in Buganda.

Why did Gipir and Labongo separate?

Labong had nothing to do but to give up his daughter to be cut up and they retrieve Gipir's bead. It was finally retrieved but the clan was never the same again. Labongo couldn't stand living with his brother and the grief of loosing his precious daughter was too much. They decided to part ways.

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