What does Nana mean in Zulu?

What does Nana mean in Zulu?

Type: proper; An affectionate term for one's grandmother.

What does Gogo mean in Zulu?

/ˈɡɔɡɔ/ Origin: ZuluShow more. A term of respect for an elderly person; also used as a title.

What does Gogo mean in English?

adjective. Definition of a-go-go (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : go-go sense 1. 2 : being in a whirl of motion. 3 : being up-to-date —often used postpositively.

Does Gogo mean Grandma?

Grandmas are lovingly known as “gogo” or “ugogo” in the Zulu dialect. Gogo groups, dedicated to helping children, can be found all over the country. Grandpas of the Zulu tribe are called “umkhulu.” These holiday gifts are perfect for the grandparents in your life.

What are cool grandma names?

Pay homage to her ethnic or cultural roots with an international nickname.

  • Abuela – Spanish.
  • Avó – Portuguese.
  • Babushka – Russian.
  • Bubbe – Yiddish.
  • Lola – Tagalog, Filipino.
  • Mamie – French Canadian.
  • Mémé – French.
  • Nai Nai – Mandarin, Paternal Grandma.

How do you say Grandma in Cherokee?

In Mohawk, it's Tota, In Diné it's amá sání or análí asdz???? and in Cherokee it's Elisi or Enisi. The special word we are referring to is one we all love, Grandmother.

What is a YaYa Grandma?

Greek: Maybe because it just sounds joyful, the Greek YaYa is a popular grandmother nickname. It's sometimes hyphenated and sometimes rendered as YiaYia. Hawaiian: Tutu is often used for grandparents of both genders, although technically grandmothers are Tutu Wahine and grandfathers are Tutu Kane.

What are you called instead of Grandma?

Here are some names that are limited to certain groups or parts of the country.

  • Big Mom or Big Momma.
  • Honey.
  • Lovey.
  • Lolly.
  • Ma or Maw.
  • MawMaw or Mawmaw.
  • Memaw or MeeMaw or Mimaw.
  • Mom-Mom.

What is a German grandma called?

Oma Opa

What does Yia Yia mean?

The most commonly used Greek term for grandmother is yia-yia, sometimes rendered as ya-ya. These may also be spelled as separate words: yia yia and ya ya — or without the hyphen — yiayia and yaya. ... Learn the Greek word for grandfather.

What do the Kardashians call their grandma?

Lovey, glam-ma, honey: The nicknames Kris Jenner, Goldie Hawn, and other famous grandmothers are called by their grandkids. A ghost.

What can I be called instead of Grandma?

Here are some names that are limited to certain groups or parts of the country.

  • Big Mom or Big Momma.
  • Honey.
  • Lovey.
  • Lolly.
  • Ma or Maw.
  • MawMaw or Mawmaw.
  • Memaw or MeeMaw or Mimaw.
  • Mom-Mom.

What do Hawaiians call their grandmas?

The formal Hawaiian term for grandmother is kuku wahine, but tutu is used most commonly for grandparents of both genders. Although the conventional wisdom is that there is no "t" in the Hawaiian language, in actuality the "t" and the "k" are somewhat interchangeable.

What is the Native American word for grandma?


What do Southerners call their grandparents?

As you might've suspected, many Southerners opt to call their grandmothers Mamaw and Mawmaw. Together, these two nicknames are most popular in seven states, including Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and West Virginia.

How do you pick a grandparent name?

How to Pick Your Grandparent Name

  1. Pick From What's Popular. “I'm Gigi. ...
  2. Borrow from Your Grandparents. “'Tis an honor to be called 'grandma. ...
  3. Go Traditional. “Nana because ... well, because that's what Grandmothers are called in my family.” ...
  4. Pick a Nickname. ...
  5. Let Your Grandkid Choose. ...
  6. Be Formal. ...
  7. Go Back to Your Roots. ...
  8. Choose Something Silly.

What is the Scottish word for grandma?


What is the Welsh name for Grandma?


What do they call grandparents in Scotland?

'Seanair' (pronounced shen'-er)is the Scottish Gaelic for grandfather.

Does Nona mean Grandma?

Nonna is the Italian word for grandmother. Nonnina is a term of endearment meaning "little grandmother." Occasionally, nonnina will be shortened to nonni, but nonni is also the word for grandparents plural. ... Perhaps they also like the roles that grandmothers play in Italian families.

What does Gigi mean in Italian?

Gia, Gigi, Gina. Gianna is a female Italian given name, a diminutive form of Giovanna. In English it is translated as Joann or Joanna. These names both mean "God is gracious" or as some people say "the Lord is gracious".

What does Nonnie mean?

Origin:Greek. Popularity:8100. Meaning:sun ray, shining light. Nonnie as a girl's name is a variant of Eleanor (Greek) and Helen (Greek), and the meaning of Nonnie is "sun ray, shining light".

What is Nonnie a nickname for?

Just as a heads up, Nonnie/Noni/Nonie is commonly a term of endearment for a grandmother in Italian(Nonna).

What language is Noni for Grandma?


Is Nonnie a name for grandmother?

Nonny (Nonnie) - This is what all East Coast Italian grandmas are called.

What does Mimi mean?

Mimi is a word French people use to say that something is (really) adorable. To be mimi is to be more than cute, it's small-fluffy-kitten cute.