Is it pronounced dayta or Dahta?

Is it pronounced dayta or Dahta?

According to the online Cambridge dictionary and Merriam-Webster dictionary, the correct way to say data is “day-tuh.” Even the character, Data, from Star Trek: The Next Generation agrees.

Which is correct pronounciation or pronunciation?

Why is the spelling of pronounce and pronunciation different? If one originally did not know the spelling of pronunciation, one would when hearing it verbally deduce its spelling to be pronounciation, which is the incorrect spelling.

Why is it spelled pronunciation?

There is probably some variation in the way the different word stress affected how the words were spelled after being borrowed into English. Trisyllabic laxing is the reason for the pronunciation difference, which led to the spelling difference.

Do you pronounce the first C in Antarctica?

The words Arctic, Antarctic and Antarctica were originally pronounced without the first /k/, but the spelling pronunciation has become very common. The first "c" was originally added to the spelling for etymological reasons and was then misunderstood as not being silent.

Is Pronunciate a real word?

"Pronunciate" is a word that isn't listed in most dictionaries; does mention it, but it noted that "pronunciate" is used rarely. If you use it, most people will think that you meant to use "pronounce" but screwed up.

Do you pronounce the T in often?

The \t\ is silent. Why? Often has a medial /t/ that, like similar words such has "hasten" and "soften," was once pronounced and is now typically silent. Unlike the similar words, pronouncing the "t" in "often" has returned in some modern usage.

What does pronounce mean?

English Language Learners Definition of pronounce : to make the sound of (a word or letter) with your voice. : to say or speak (a word) correctly. : to say or announce (something) in an official or formal way.

How do you pronounce Matasaip?


  1. Karana (Won-a-pa-lei)
  2. Ramo.
  3. Ulape.
  4. Rontu.
  5. Tutok.
  6. Chief Chowig.
  7. Captain Orlov and the Aleuts.
  8. Mon-a-nee.

Who is Nanko in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Nanko is the man who brings the news that the ship that has landed on the island is not the Aleuts'. Rather, the ship has arrived to carry the people of Ghalas-at to the mainland (woo!). His role in the novel is that of a messenger.

How do you spell Antarctica in English?

Correct spelling for the English word "antarctica" is [antˈɑːktɪkə], [antˈɑːktɪkə], [a_n_t_ˈɑː_k_t_ɪ_k_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How do you pronounce Tlawmngaihna?

Tlawmngaihna Pronunciation. Tlawm·n·gai·h·na.

How do you pronounce Antidisestablishmentarianism?

The word antidisestablishmentarianism is notable for its unusual length of 28 letters and 12 syllables (an-ti-dis-es-tab-lish-ment-ar-i-an-is-m), and is one of the longest words in the English language.

What is the hardest word pronounced?

The Most Difficult English Word To Pronounce

  • Rural.
  • Otorhinolaryngologist.
  • Colonel.
  • Penguin.
  • Sixth.
  • Isthmus.
  • Anemone.
  • Squirrel.