How do you pronounce Lime Cordiale?

How do you pronounce Lime Cordiale?

Lime Cordiale (pronounced Cor-dee-aal) has been flying of late on Apple Music and YouTube, and Spotify, the world's leading brands in streaming, albeit from a lower base than some of their globe-trotting contemporaries, Tash Sultana, DMA's, The Rubens and others.

How did Lime Cordiale get their name?

Where does the name Lime Cordiale come from? From our last name, Leimbach. We wrote our first song on holiday in France at a classical music festival called Musique Cordiale.

How old are the Lime Cordiale brothers?

At 28, younger brother Louis (vocals) has the kind of androgynous magnetic stage presence that reminds you of Michael Hutchence; Oliver (Oli), his equally charismatic 30-year-old brother on lead guitar, has a touch of the Paul McCartneys.

Is Lime Cordiale an indie?

From humble beginnings in the Northern Beaches, Lime Cordiale have been churning out indie pop charmers since 2009.

Are Lime Cordiale brothers?

Lime Cordiale are an Australian pop rock group from Sydney, New South Wales, formed in 2009. The band consists of brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, with additional touring members James Jennings, Felix Bornholt and Nicholas Polovineo. They released their debut studio album Permanent Vacation in 2017.

What genre is Lime Cordiale?


What genre is Ocean Alley?


Is Ocean Alley Australian?

Ocean Alley is an Australian alternative psychedelic rock band from the Northern Beaches. ... The band has released three studio albums and two EPs independently. Their second album Chiaroscuro debuted at No.

Where are the sticky fingers from?

Sydney, Australia

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