What happens when you put a lime in a coconut?

What happens when you put a lime in a coconut?

That is because the person who called the doctor to ask for a relief for their bellyache actually got sick, apparently , because they drank the 'lime in the coconut' drink with rum in the first place. So the doctor tells them to have a 'lime in the coconut' as a remedy for their bellyache, which is meant to be funny.

Who wrote the lime in the coconut song?

Harry Nilsson

What happened Harry Nilsson?

1993–1994: Heart attack and death Nilsson died of heart failure on Janu, in his Agoura Hills, California home, at the age of 52. In 1995, the 2-disc CD anthology he worked on with RCA, Personal Best, was released. The final album was eventually released on Novem, as Losst And Founnd.

What is the least loneliest number?


What Colour Symbolises loneliness?


What color represents emotional pain?

Warm colors – such as red, yellow and orange – can spark a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Cool colors – such as green, blue and purple – often spark feelings of calmness as well as sadness.

What emotion does Green evoke?

Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world. Perhaps because of its strong associations with nature, green is often thought to represent tranquility, good luck, health, and jealousy. Researchers have also found that green can improve reading ability.

What emotion is white?

Emotional Response White is associated with goodness, innocence and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation.

What emotion does orange evoke?

Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Orange is often used to draw attention, such as in traffic signs and advertising. Orange is energetic, which is perhaps why many sports teams use orange in their uniforms, mascots, and branding.

Which is the most soothing color for eyes?

There's also some scientific research indicating that due to the short wavelengths of cooler colors and how our cones perceive them, greens and blues are the most relaxing to our eyes. Easily put, greens and blues colors are simply less tiring to the eye."