What did Christopher Wren built in London?

What did Christopher Wren built in London?

Wren designed 53 London churches, including St. Paul's Cathedral, as well as many secular buildings of note. He was a founder of the Royal Society (president 1680–82), and his scientific work was highly regarded by Isaac Newton and Blaise Pascal. He was knighted in 1673.

What is special about St Paul's Cathedral?

A cathedral dedicated to the Apostle Paul has existed in London since 604 AD. The medieval cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. ... Paul's Cathedral remained the tallest building in London from its completion until 1962, and continues to be one of the largest and highest cathedral domes in the world.

Is St Paul's Cathedral worth visiting?

Situated in the City of London, St Paul's Cathedral has seen a rich and tumultuous history. Dating back to 604 AD, the old original church was destroyed in the great fire of London of 1666. ... For all these reasons St Paul's Cathedral is definitely worth visiting!

Can you go to the top of St Paul's Cathedral?

Visiting St Paul's Cathedral Climb to the top of the cathedral's iconic dome and experience the acoustics and atmosphere of the famous Whispering Gallery. Enjoy unrivalled views of the London skyline from the cathedral's outdoor viewing platform.

What is the Whispering Gallery in St Paul's Cathedral?

The Whispering Gallery, as it's become known, sits 30m above the crossing of the nave. It's a circular walkway which hugs the base of the dome structure, offering a vertiginous view of the cathedral floor far below.

Why is Gol Gumbaz called whispering?

Inside the mausoleum is a circular gallery, right below the tomb, this is known as the whispering gallery, the unique structure is built in such a way that a small whisper gets amplified and is carried across a distance of more than 40 meters in the vast dome and can be heard clearly.

Why is it called the Whispering Gallery?

The stunning Whispering Gallery in St Paul's Cathedral attracts visitors from all over the world. ... It was given its name because a "charming quirk in its construction" means that people can whisper against one wall and be heard on the opposite side.

What is a whisper wall?

Whisper Walls manufactures an extensive line of polymer track “stretching system” components and acoustical cores our worldwide network of licensed and trained dealers use to site-build stretch fabric interior acoustical panels for aesthetic appeal and the reduction of unwanted noise.

What is a whispering bench?

Stover Bench is a 20-foot granite bench that curls in at each end. It is also known as the “Whisper Bench,” because a whisper spoken into one end of the bench travels so clearly to the other side.

Which of the following is famous for its Whispering Gallery?


What are two famous examples of whispering gallery?

Whispering galleries that involve sound have been around for a while. Famous examples include Grand Central Terminal and St. Paul's Cathedral in London, where the domed geometry of the rooms amplifies the faintest whisper to listeners well outside of earshot.

Which is known as the Whispering Gallery?

The sound is carried by waves, known as whispering-gallery waves, that travel around the circumference clinging to the walls, an effect that was discovered in the whispering gallery of St Paul's Cathedral in London.

What is the principle used in Whispering Gallery?

The prevailing theory behind why whispering galleries work (first proposed in 1871 by British astronomer George Airy to explain St. Paul's cathedral) is that sound originating at one point along the circumference of an enclosed sphere is reflected to another point along the circumference opposite the source.