How much is a Paddington Bear 50p worth 2018?

How much is a Paddington Bear 50p worth 2018?

According to this, the two 2018 Paddington Bear coins have a value of around £5 each; enough for a few jars of marmalade but not a whole lot of jam tomorrow.

How much is 50 pence worth?

50 pence is 62.

How much is a tom cat 50p worth?

You can buy an uncirculated version of the coin on the Royal Mint's website for £10, while the value of the circulated 50p is likelier closer to £4 than £400 - that is according to a recently released guide book that looks at all circulating coins.

Is a 50p with Tom Kitten worth anything?

How much is it worth? Collector Value: £1.

What are the most sought after 50p coins?

The five most valuable and rarest 50p coins revealed

  1. Alternative Olympic swimming 50p - 2011. Alternative Olympic swimming 50p. Picture: Royal mint. ...
  2. Blue Peter Olympic 50p - 2009. Blue Peter Olympic 50p. Picture: Royal mint. ...
  3. Kew Gardens 50p - 2009. Kew Gardens 50p. ...
  4. Olympic football 50p - 2011. Olympic football 50p. ...
  5. Olympic wrestling 50p - 2011. Olympic wrestling 50p.

How rare are Tom Kitten 50p coins?

2017 Tom Kitten 50p Coin - Mintage: 9,300,000 - Scarcity Index: 1.

How much is a Benjamin Britten 50p worth?

Whilst a brilliant uncirculated quality Benjamin Britten 50p might sell for around £10, you're likely to come across a circulation quality coin in your change, as this 50p has a mintage figure of 5,300,000 and is ranked as common on our scarcity index.