Who really started the Great Fire of London?

Who really started the Great Fire of London?

Thomas Farynor

When was the Great Fire of London how many died?

For a fire that destroyed some four-fifths of London — including 89 churches, four of the City's seven gates, around 13,200 houses and St Paul's Cathedral — one remarkable aspect of the Great Fire of 1666 is the death toll. According to the official records, just six people died in the disaster.

Why is the Great Fire of London important?

The Great Fire incinerated a medieval city and left 50,000 people temporarily homeless, but in its place a new London was built; a London which, though abundant with guilds, churches and a splendid new St Paul's Cathedral, was an urban home fit for a major international trading centre.

What changed after the Great Fire of London?

After the fire, new rules were brought in and every parish had to have two fire squirts, leather buckets and other fire equipment. The new designs for the City also included a requirement for a quayside to be opened up along the River Thames to make homes by the river accessible.

How was London rebuilt after the Great Fire ks1?

The new London was cleaner and healthier. Architects began to plan the new city. There were 9000 homes to be rebuilt! They couldn't change the whole city because people who owned the buildings that had been destroyed by fire wanted to build new buildings in exactly the same places.

Why did the great fire spread so quickly?

The fire spread easily because London was very dry after a long, hot summer. The area around Pudding Lane was full of warehouses containing highly flammable things like timber, rope and oil. A very strong easterly wind blew the fire from house to house in the narrow streets.