What does Bilat mean in Bisaya?

What does Bilat mean in Bisaya?

bilat [bi. lat.] : genital (adj.); vagina (n.); vulva (n.) Synonyms: balitang; latski; pangkay; tabirwak.

Is Yawa a bad word?

Yawa (noun) – a) refers to a person, it means devil/evil. “Pagkayawa naman lang gyud!” – What a devil!, What an evil! 4. Yawa (adjective) – b) refers to some amazing act, from the bisaya word “Kuyawa” means “dangerous” or “amazing”.

What is Kulera?

Kulera: The word is derived from the word Cholera. It is a curse word which can also mean to curse a person to be sick. Sometimes the word is used randomly.

What does Loslos mean in Bisaya?

11. Botbot nimo, Loslos nimo or Estoryahee. Botbot literally means, intestine while nimo means, you.

What does Yawa mean in Ghana?

Yawa is used mostly in the Ewe and Twi languages. It is of African-Akan origin. The name means girl born on Thursday. The Fante and Twi Aba, the Ewe Ayaba, and the Akan and Ewe Yaa are derivatives of the name.

What does no Yawa mean?

Yawa. Definition: problem, get into trouble usually with the law or someone closely related. Example: 1.

How do you say love in Nigerian?

Love means ifunanya or ihunanya.

How do u say hello in Nigerian?

Ẹ n lẹ means hello in this part of Nigeria.

What is I love you in Calabar?

Useful phrases in Efik
I miss youItọñ fo ọdọñ mi
I love youMme ama fi
Get well soonKudọñọ aba
Go away!Daga!

How do you say bye in Nigerian?


  1. Hausa: Sai watarana.
  2. Igbo: Ka omesia.
  3. Yoruba: Oh dah-boh.
  4. English: Goodbye.

How do you say goodbye in African?


  1. Hamba Kahle - go well, good bye; see you ( Kahle is pronounced kashle)
  2. Sawubona - Hello.
  3. Ukudla - food.
  4. Isiphuzo - drink.
  5. thenga - buy.
  6. thank you - siyabonga.

What does Oya mean in Nigerian?

no definite

What does Oya mean in African?

In Yoruba, the name Oya means "she tore." She is known as Ọya-Iyansan – the "mother of nine" — because of 9 children she gave birth to all of them being stillborn; suffering from lifetime of barrenness. She is the patron of the Niger River (known to the Yoruba as the Odo-Ọya)

What does Wahala mean in Arabic?

Etymology. From Arabic وَهْلَة‎ (wahla, “fright, terror”).

What does Abi mean in Nigerian?

Abi” or “shebi” is a yoruba word that could mean “that's it”, “yes”, “I agree with u”, “am with u”, “are u with me” etc. Its sha positive.

What does Ginger mean in Nigeria?

Being overly excited

What is the full meaning of Marlians?

Gift of God

Who is the head of Marlians?

Azeez Fashola

Who are called Marlians?

A Marlian refers to a staunch follower of controversial musician and singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly called Naira Marley. ... So if you are a Marlian, it means you are a follower of Naira Marley and believe in his beliefs, philosophies, and views. You are a Marlian if you: Are a huge follower of Naira Marley.

Who are the members of Marlians?

List Of All Members In Marlians Music Record Label.

  • CBlvck.
  • Zinoleesky.
  • MohBad.
  • Fabian Blu.
  • Emo Grae.
  • Lyta.

Who is the richest between Naira Marley and Zlatan?

While Zlatan Ibile net worth is estimated about $1.

Is Lil Smart Naira Marley brother?

Some people may be mistaken lil smart the boy who always dance with Naira Marley as his brotherbut no he is not Naira Marley's brother. The are just friendsamd dance partners. See his pictures: Lil Smart – full name Idowu Smart Emmanuel – is a Trap Dancer, Skateboard Actor, Comedian, Model, Actor, and a Song writer.

Who is Naira Marley's girlfriend?

Naira Marley's alleged girlfriend Precious, has shared some of their special moments with social media users. The alleged girlfriend, took to social media, to share some of their moments as fans of the singer is surprised that Naira Marley is a lover boy.

Who is wizkid girlfriend?

Tiwa Savage

Is Naira Marley dating Tiwa Savage?

Tiwa Savage was the girlfriend of Wizkid but unfortunately they just broke up and she is now with Naira Marley. She got hooked up with Wizkid after she divorced her ex-husband TeeBillz.

Does Mayorkun have a girlfriend?

"I don't have any girlfriend," Singer Mayorkun says - Information Nigeria.

Who is Mayorkun brother?

Ayobami Samuel Adewale