Is Psycho Cat good battle cats?

Is Psycho Cat good battle cats?

Strategy/Usage. This is a very useful support cat for nearly all of Into the Future and Alien-heavy levels in Stories of Legend. Alongside Surfer Cat, this cat is exceptional at controlling alien enemies and keeping their threat level to a minimum.

What is the fastest enemy in battle cats?


What is the hardest boss in Battle Cats?


Is crazed cat good?

Crazed Cats Analysis Crazed Cat: A faster version of the Basic Cat. His stats are 300+% better than the Basic Cat but he still can't pack a punch. Good at covering vulnerable Cats when they are too far away from the Cat Base.

What is the most expensive cat in Battle Cats?


  • Killer Cat has made many cameos before his debut, first seen in KHM48, Witchy Neneko, Red Riding Mina, the Cats behind the door and in Metal Slug Defense as enemies and allies.
  • This Cat has the highest cost to spawn in the game.
  • Killer Cat also has the lowest overall stats for its cost of any unit.

Which crazed cat is the easiest?

Easiest was Crazed Fish Cat. Harder was Crazed Tank or Crazed Titan.

How much HP does crazed cat have?

Crazed Cat
HealthAttack PowerAttack Range
2,400,000 HP7,880 damage (DPS)240 (Area Attack)
Special Ability

How do you get a manic cat to level 30?

At rank 1600, Special Cats can be upgraded to level 30. Once a player has reached the requirement of rewards, there will be a flashing exclamation "Pts!" sign on the user rank button to notify player there is a reward available.

How do you get a crazed giraffe cat?

Evolution. Evolves into Crazed Giraffe Cat at level 10. Evolves into Manic Lion Cat when obtained from the Cow Maniac Stage and is level 20 or above.

How do you get crazed bahamut cat?

Evolution. Evolves into Crazed Bahamut Cat at level 10. Evolves into Awakened Bahamut Cat after completing Into the Future Chapter 3 and is level 20 or above.

What is the strongest uber in Battle Cats?

Marauder Cat TF

Is Valkyrie cat good?

Valkyrie Cat at first is an extremely powerful Cat. She deals far more damage than many of the Normal Cats. However newer players will struggle to use her because of her hefty price and find it annoying that her recharge rate is slow.

Is Sanada Yukimura good battle cats?

Sanada Yukimura is extremely good for cheese strategies because of its relatively low cost and high damage output.

How good is ganglion Battle Cats?

Ganglion serves well as a Long Distance rusher. He can cripple the backlines of enemies that would otherwise be a pain to deal with when the boss knocks back. He acts a good counter to Tackeys, Hackeys, and Dolphina, especially when they are supported by stronger enemies, as he can stay safe in their blind spots.

Is Pai Pai good?

Pai-Pai is considered a very powerful Uber, as she is one of the best units in the game against Red Enemies, asserting absolute dominance by taking only 1/4~1/5 damage and dealing 3~4x damage against said trait, depending on the Blood Fruit Treasure you have.

Is strike unit REI good?

R.E.I. is overall very well-balanced, but bear in mind she is less adept against non-Floating enemies just like her anti-Red counterpart. R.E.I. has the same range as Dragon Cat, and should be protected as such.

What is the best uber super rare cat?

The best uber set is probably the Ultra Souls. Kasa Jizo, The Grateful Crane, and Kachikachi are all extremely useful. Other than this, the Almighties and the Nekolugas are very good uber sets.

How do you get Miku in Battle Cats?

Hatsune Miku is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Hatsune Miku Collaboration Event. She was added in version 9.

What does Miku cat evolve into?

Evolves into Miku Cat CC at level 10.

What is the next battle cats collab?

NEW Collab Event, coming to The Battle Cats on September 2nd! Take on the mightiest chins of the jungle when SHAKUREL PLANET invades the Cat Empire! Collab stages, ranking dojo, new Special units, and more!

What does the mailbox do in Battle Cats?

This mailbox hack allows players to acquire items and/or cats of their choice.

How do you get the Akuma giraffe in Battle Cats?

You can get Akuma Giraffe after clearing NEW CHALLENGER stage that appears after you cleared all New Challengers mode. Akuma Giraffe does area attacker, Long-Distance (200~400), strong against traitless, and immune to shockwaves. If you can't beat the second stage, simply use treasure radar on the first stage.

How do you get the Sabre in Battle Cats?

Saber is an Uber Rare Cat that was available to get via Rare Cat Capsules in the time-limited Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel Gacha.

How much damage does Valkyrie cat do?

Valkyrie Cat
HealthAttack PowerAttack Range
1,400 HP500 damage350
Health (Lv.MAX)Attack Power (Lv.MAX)Attack Type
23,800 HP8,500 damageArea Attack

How do you get the secret cat in Battle Cats?

Flower Cat is a Special Cat that can be unlocked by repeatedly dragging the cat-paw doorknob in the Cat Base Menu. A "meow" informs you that it is done right. You need to drag the doorknob 100 times at most under a minute, and it could take a few minutes to an hour for the Cat to be obtained.

What does Titan cat evolved into?

Jamiera Cat

Is Moneko good battle cats?

Moneko, especially Miss MONEKO, can be a great meatshield at the start, because she has lower cost and a higher tolerance for pain from enemy powerhouses like Le'Boin than Tank Cat/Wall Cat.