Do BBS still exist?

Do BBS still exist?

But every mass extinction has its holdouts. Even today, a small community of people still run and call BBSes. Many seek the digital intimacy they lost years ago; 373 BBSes still operate, according to the Telnet BBS Guide, mostly in the United States. ... Sure enough, there are about 20 known dial-up BBSes in North America.

When was the first bulletin board system invented?


What was the first Internet forum?

Some of the first forum systems were the Planet-Forum system, developed at the beginning of the 1970s, the EIES system, first operational in 1976, and the KOM system, first operational in 1977. One of the first forum sites (which is still active today) is Delphi Forums, once called Delphi.

How do I connect to BBS?

  1. Via TCP/IP:
  2. Download a copy of the MCVSD BBS settings file (found on the Internet at Or simply duplicate this file on our computer.
  3. Open this newly created copy of the settings file. ...
  4. In this window that opens, called "Service Setup" Set the "Connect Via" pop-up menu to TCP-IP.FCP.

What is a BBS degree?

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Degree.

What is BBS in Internet?

A bulletin board system or BBS (also called Computer Bulletin Board Service, CBBS) is a computer server running software that allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program. ... Over the next year, many of the leading BBS software providers went bankrupt and tens of thousands of BBSes disappeared.

What is BBS in text?

interjection. acronym for "Be Back Soon". Generally used in texting or any keyboard use situation. I need to go get a snack. BBS.

What is the biggest forum on the Internet?

Top 10 Biggest Internet Communities

  • Vault Network. The Stats. ...
  • Offtopic. ...
  • FaceTheJury. The Stats. ...
  • Nexopia. The Stats. ...
  • IGN.
  • d2jsp. The Stats. posts and about 4,500 users at any given time. ...
  • 4chan. The Stats. posts and about 60,600 users at any given time. ...
  • Gaia Online. Stats. 1,posts and about 38,700 users at any given time.

Are message boards Social Media?

Forums are communities of people sharing ideas and discussion online, so yes, they are indeed social media/ social networks.

Are web forums dead?

Forums are not dead but it's much harder to get people on them and then make them visit regularly. So the only forums that exist are either niche communities, or large communities that somehow survived the facebook era, or private communities (for example software/hardware support)..

What are the most popular forums?

Top 5 Chats and Forums Websites In The World

  • Reddit. Reddit is lovingly known as the front page of the internet. ...
  • Quora. Even if you've been living under a rock, chances are you've heard of Quora. ...
  • Stack Overflow. StackOverflow is a platform where students and professionals post queries and answer questions about programming. ...
  • XDA-Developers. ...
  • GamesSpot. ...
  • Final Thoughts.

What forum means?

meeting, conference, assembly, meeting place

What is an example of forum?

The definition of a forum is a place or a method for discussion. An example of a forum is an online message board. A law court; tribunal. ... (Internet) An Internet message board where users can post messages regarding one or more topics of discussion.

What do we call fora in English?

/phoḍā/ mn. ulcer countable noun. An ulcer is a sore area on or inside a part of your body which is very painful and may bleed.

What is the forum of a text?

Not to be confused with a form, a bulletin board (BB or Bboard), discussion forum, discussion board, and forum is an area where users share thoughts, ideas, or help by posting text messages.

What is a text genre?

A text genre is a type of written or spoken discourse. Discussion: Texts are classified into genres on the basis of the intent of the communicator. Examples: Here is a table showing some text genres and the communicator's intent for each genre.

What is the plural of forums?

forum (plural forums or fora)

What is another word for forum?


  • conference.
  • convention.
  • gathering.
  • seminar.
  • symposium.
  • assembly.
  • conclave.
  • congress.

What is another word for gathering?

Synonyms of gathering

  • assemblage,
  • assembly,
  • conference,
  • congregation,
  • convocation,
  • ingathering,
  • meeting,
  • muster.

What's another word for meeting?


  • assembly.
  • conclave.
  • convention.
  • council.
  • gathering.
  • get-together.
  • meeting.
  • parley.

What do you call a secret meeting?

A meeting is when people get together for any reason. But when they are sneaking to meet, notably as secret lovers, it's called a tryst.

What do you call the first meeting?

For years, one of the most widely used phrases to define the first meeting has been “Initial Consultation” or “IC.” It has no particular meaning to it other than the fact that it's descriptive.

What do you call a casual meeting?

Get-together: an informal meeting. Huddle: a meeting (informal usage) Panel: a meeting at which participants discuss a topic or issue in front of an audience. Palaver: a meeting, especially one between disparate parties. Parley: a meeting to resolve conflict or negotiate with an enemy.

What is another word for would?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for would, like: should, could, will, do, might, ought-to, must, you-d, shall, would-be and may.

What are types of meeting?

The six general types of meetings:

  • Status Update Meetings.
  • Information Sharing Meetings.
  • Decision Making Meetings.
  • Problem Solving Meetings.
  • Innovation Meetings.
  • Team Building Meetings.

What are the 6 types of meetings?

Let's take a look at the six most common types of business meetings, including:

  • Status Update Meetings.
  • Decision-Making Meetings.
  • Problem-Solving Meetings.
  • Team-Building Meetings.
  • Idea-Sharing Meetings.
  • Innovation Meetings.

What is the structure of a meeting?

In reality, a meeting is only as good as its structure. The major planning tool is the agenda, or outline of major discussion points. Most meetings focus on a featured presentation, followed by concluding remarks, and the distribution of action plans to remind attendees of specific responsibilities and timelines.