Is Pyrocynical a child groomer?

Is Pyrocynical a child groomer?

Today, Pyrocynical has more than 4 million subscribers. Recently, Pyrocynical — who's real name is Niall Comas — has come under scrutiny following allegations that he groomed a 15-year-old person, having inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature with them.

Is Pyrocynical a groomer?

UK-based YouTuber Niall, aka Pyrocynical, has finally broken his silence in an official response video, months after being accused of grooming a 15-year old. ... In light of mounting pressure, Pyrocynical recently released a detailed response video on YouTube, where he debunks all the allegations against him.

Who accused Pyrocynical?

Ivory Rasmus

Why did Pyrocynical get banned from Twitter?

Despite never really doing much harm, he always somehow manages to get his Twitter account banned. He was once banned for threatening to grind Cold Ones' lard into his mid-roll ads as a build-up to a "funny" skit.

Is Pyro a furry?

Facts @Idubbbz Pyro is a Furry that goes to Furry conventions.

What is Pyrocynical worth?

Pyrocynical Net Worth – $3 Million He has an estimated net worth of $3 million mainly earned from the channel. Pyro's real name is believed to be Niall Comas.

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