What is Ivory slang for?

What is Ivory slang for?

Slang. a tooth, or the teeth. ivories, Slang. the keys of a piano or of a similar keyboard instrument. dice.

What is ivory tower mentality?

1 : an impractical often escapist attitude marked by aloof lack of concern with or interest in practical matters or urgent problems. 2 : a secluded place that affords the means of treating practical issues with an impractical often escapist attitude especially : a place of learning.

Why do they call it the ivory tower?

In Andrew Hodges' biography of the University of Cambridge scientist Alan Turing, he discusses Turing's 1936-38 stay at Princeton University and writes that "[t]he tower of the Graduate College was an exact replica of Magdalen College, and it was popularly called the Ivory Tower, because of that benefactor of Princeton ...

What does living in an ivory tower mean?

To lead an impractical existence removed from the pressures and troubles of everyday life: “Like most college professors, Clark lives in an ivory tower.” ...

What does the allusion ivory tower mean?

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What means shallow?

1 : having little depth shallow water. 2 : having little extension inward or backward office buildings have taken the form of shallow slabs— Lewis Mumford. 3a : penetrating only the easily or quickly perceived shallow generalizations. b : lacking in depth of knowledge, thought, or feeling a shallow demagogue.

Whats the meaning of frugal?

simple and without unnecessary things

What do you call a person who spends money wisely?

Use the noun prudence to describe sensible decisions about everyday life, like the prudence of people who spend their money wisely, saving as much as they can. ... Prudence comes from the Latin word prudentia, which means "foresight, sagacity."

What do you call someone who hates spending money?

A "tightwad" and a "cheapskate" are also people who don't like to spend money. These words are a bit less negative, though: the person may not like to share or help others, but they are not as mean as a miser or a scrooge.

What is a stingy man?

1. Stingy, parsimonious, miserly, mean, close all mean reluctant to part with money or goods. Stingy, the most general of these terms, means unwilling to share, give, or spend possessions or money: children who are stingy with their toys; a stingy, grasping skinflint.

What is a person who betrays his country called?

Traitor also applies to a person who betrays his country by committing treason: turning against his own government, perhaps by selling secret information.

Is Cheapskate a bad word?

Cheapskate is a very informal word that's always used in a negative way, as an insult.

What's the opposite of cheapskate?

Antonyms of CHEAPSKATE spender, wastrel, squanderer, waster, spendthrift, prodigal, profligate.

What is a miserly person?

Miserly people are stingy with their money and not likely to be generous, like Ebenezer Scrooge himself. The adjective miserly evolved from the Latin word miser, which means “unhappy, wretched.” Nowadays, it's generally used to describe someone who hoards their money and presumably miserable because of it.

What is a termagant wife?

termagant Add to list Share. Termagant is an insulting name for a woman who likes to nag, scold, or complain. ... You might also see termagant used as an adjective, as in "that termagant wife of yours is trouble." The noun termagant comes from a made-up violent god that frequently appeared in European medieval literature.

What does penny pinching mean?

: to give out money to in a niggardly manner takes a sinister but fascinating kind of joy in … penny-pinching his own family— James Yaffe : deprive of funds by petty economy penny-pinched himself out of …

Is penny pinching positive or negative?

Penny pincher can be used negatively, but it can also be used neutrally or even somewhat positively to praise someone's thriftiness.

What is another word for penny pincher?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for penny pincher, like: cheapskate, moneygrubber, scrooge, skinflint, tightwad, miser and pinchpenny.

Where did the phrase penny pincher come from?

Origin: Not much is known of penny pincher's roots, though it appears to have started in America in the mid-nineteenth century. It was probably from the simple imagery of somebody clutching a penny between their thumb and forefinger as they removed it from a coin purse.

Where are penny pinchers in Toontown?

A Penny Pincher is the second Cog on the corporate ladder of the Cashbots. Their level ranges from two to six. They can be found in at least one street in every playground.

Is penny a noun?

noun, plural pen·nies, (especially collectively for 3, 4) pence. a copper and zinc U.S. coin, worth one 100th of the U.S. dollar; one cent. ... a sum of money: He spent every penny he ever earned.

What is the antonym of miser?

Antonyms of MISER profligate, waster, wastrel, squanderer, spendthrift, spender, prodigal.